First Letter from NH!!!

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Seely10Hello All,

This is my first letter coming from New Hampshire. Before I forget, Yes it is green out here, but unseasonably cold. My sweaters are doing a fine job of keeping me warm so I have not purchased a coat, but I need a lint brush…

Anyway, I have lots to tell and seemingly endless time to tell it so let me start on Wednesday. After getting into New Hampshire on Wednesday at approximately 12:10 AM, we slept almost all day to recover from the issues of Tuesday. But I got to perform my first priesthood blessing on a couple who were going to have a baby boy the next day and it was something that put me in a place where I can do the most good for the couple turned family.

Thursday we had District meeting and it was a blast. Afterwards we spent a good part of the day trying to prepare a map to go up in our study room until we gave up on it and looked into buying one. Needless to say, they were too expensive and we are going to wait on a map that my dad will print and send us.

Friday we went out to proselyte in Pittsfield, but about 5ish minutes from Pittsfield I look at my companion and say “pull over”. My companion is wondering why as he is pulling over to the side. We sit there for a good 3 minutes wondering what has just happened. We talked to each other and we both agreed that we should not be going to Pittsfield today and so we start for home. About halfway home, I ask where the hospital was and asked him to take me there. (At this point my companion thinks that I’m sick). After arriving at the hospital we both sit there for a minute, and I get the feeling that I need to stand (my own thought) and then to knock on the car window next to us (not my own thought) and ask the guy how he was. Long story short, he was at the hospital visiting his mom who has cancer. We teach him the Plan of Salvation (A lesson I had not practiced at all) and his parents on the Book of Mormon. It was a wonderful Spiritual experience both times and it was something that was going to happen at some point in my mission.

Saturday was the first time doing service for a family who was moving into the ward and we worked without rest for 5 hours unpacking boxes, taking shelves and moving furniture to various parts of the house.

Sunday was a stake conference Broadcast where Elders Anderson and Hales talked to the entire east coast region (which does not include anything south of Virginia BTW).

Which brings us to Monday where I am sitting in the Concord Library writing a letter to everyone on a chromebook. SO that is my week…

My trainer is Elder Betts. Think of Miriam, make much older and more funny and you are in the ballpark parking lot. He is hilarious and awesome. This will be his second to last transfer, so he leaves in July. No, I don’t have an iPad yet, I will be trained in their use in May. I work in the Canterbury Ward in Concord, New Hampshire, with 2 sisters who are also awesome. New Hampshire is a totally different experience from the mountains that I’m used to. I now have to get used to the amount of trees growing in the state. I am currently resident in a town called Penacook and that is near Concord, so close in fact that the two get mixed up on occasion.

I think of you guys everyday and I miss you a lot (I also miss Little Caesers but that doesn’t matter). I asked my companion if he wanted to send you anything about himself and he gave me a smirk and said that he has nothing. So, we’ll see if he has anything next week.

I hope to see what is going on in Lehi at some point. Until next time folks!


Elder Richard Seely



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