Richard prepares for and receives his call

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August 2014

Mom is encouraging Richard to get to work and turn in his papers. Unbeknownst to Mom, Richard prays about the question of going on a mission and receives the clear impression that he should wait. He doesn’t tell Mom.

November 2014

We took this on the same day as we took some official “send to the Church” pictures…fun group! So this was us preparing for him to get his mission call. Still didn’t turn in his papers…still didn’t tell Mom what the hold-up was.

December 2014

Mom finds out that she has a cyst in the middle of her chest that requires surgical removal and 6 days in the hospital at Christmas time. On the second day in the hospital, the kids come to visit and find Mom in a lot of pain and tears. They have to wait in the hall, and while there, the Spirit whispers that THIS is why he was asked to wait…to help take care of Mom while she is recovering. Mom couldn’t drive for 6 weeks after the surgery. In addition to driving the kids around, Richard helped Mom in and out of bed and brought her meals up to her room for the first week she is home. He’s amazing!

January 2015

With Mom home from the hospital and no more need to wait, Richard finishes the final requirement, to read the Book of Mormon in 3 hours of reading, and sees the Bishop and Stake President one more time and the papers are submitted.

February 2015

IMG_2048Figuring that even when Richard gets his call, it’ll be several months before he goes, we plan a vacation for April 2-10. Then, Richard receives his call! He is called to the New Hampshire Manchester Mission and is to report to the MTC on April 8! Just 7weeks from when he got  his call. Scramble time!


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