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The one letter you wanted all week

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Hello peoples of the outside world,

First off, this email was composed in great part on an iPad (something which I will try not to do again because how slow it can be (dang it autocorrect!!). We received the iPad on Wednesday and have been using them to further the missionary work for each of our areas. As for my area, we have not used them to their full potential yet but we should be able to get to that point within the coming days. I have never realized how much of a blessing that technology is until I was deprived of mine. Now I’m using technology for proselyting purposes and it has made me become a better representative of Jesus Christ. I’m very grateful to be living in this time and age, but I’m also worried about what is to come. So this week I finished Helaman. I believe that we are living the Book of Mormon quite closely, in fact we are in the middle of Helaman and are fast approaching the end of the book. What does that mean for me? I need to kick the work in my area into high gear…

Anyway here is what happened over the week

Monday: After emailing home we as a district played a pickup game of basketball (so much fun)

Tuesday: Went on exchange with Elder Perry and worked in Pittsfield for a majority of the day.

Wednesday: Mission-wide conference on iPads and there use in relation to the work, we had someone from the missionary department of the church come. (We would have had a member of the seventy come, but he had to stay in Utah for health reasons.) We were taught what mission presidents were taught a week before. (If you look up #becausehelives, there may be a picture of me floating around with a creative use of a google maps style pin on my suit, just saying you should check it out.IMG_0071

Thursday: Went to Tilton where we had a dinner appointment and we worked up there (with little success) all day.

Friday: Not too much work happened here either all of the appointments that we had set all fell through. A disappointment but what can we do…


Saturday: Went to Franklin (which is near Tilton) and tried to do work you there, but to no avail. On the bright side my feet don’t hurt as much…

Sunday: My companion is sick and we spent most of the day in the apartment, while we study further on the iPads increasing our knowledge on what they can (and can’t) do. We also had a scare from one of the sisters in our district.

Elder Betts is recovering in bed and I’m studying, when I receive a call from the Canterbury sisters saying that Sister McVey has had an accident and we need to come get her and take her to the hospital. She got a bad sprain, but she will be fine. I have no idea what my companion is going to say so I’m in the middle of a sentence when Elder Betts walks in to the room and says that we will be there. After getting fully dressed, we get in the car and start driving towards them. We get them to the hospital and it’s nearing 8:30pm, but we have to retrieve their car (mind you…because I’m still being trained, I can’t drive yet), so we get permission to take the Concord sisters and get their car and bring it to the hospital. It’s now 9:30pm when we make it back in time to give a priesthood blessing, during which our phone dies. We get home at 11:45pm and Elder Betts is dead tired and I’m fast approaching that point so we forgo the dinner we had planned and eat something simple.

Which brings us to Monday where we have a long shopping list to do and lots of tasks to get done. So we had a somewhat typical missionary week out here in New Hampshire.

IMG_0045One thought: it is an absolute joy to be working in the mission where the restoration happened, at the same time it can be almost nightmarish when trying to get the work done and Satan is doing everything he can to stop us, but “he may bruise your heel, but you have the power to crush his head” (I have no idea where that scripture is, I’m not totally sure I got it right either).

See you later,

Elder Richard Seely

Ps I can read my email all week, so send me email when you can, I can only respond on p-days.

There was some concern as to when transfers are. I will be informed of where I will be going on the 30th and transfer meeting will be the next Tuesday.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures I took in my area. I just upped the colors and changed the brightness and contrast.



A Boring Week…

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Every missionary that I have talked to has said the mission speeds up at around 18 months. From my point of view, last Saturday was yesterday and the start of my mission was last week. But anyway here is the week in review (though I don’t remember most of it)

Last Monday: P-Day, went on exchange with the Zone leaders

Tuesday: Exchange with Zone leaders in Bedford

Wednesday: Not much happened here either…

Thursday: Lots of walking, nothing to do here either

Friday: Zone Interviews, more on that to come.

Saturday: Wood Project, More on that soon

Sunday: Church, Ward Council, Home Teaching Planning…

Wood Project: We were asked if we could help in the ward with an older sister in getting some firewood for the next winter, we had to cut the trees down, cut them into manageable chunks, split it, and stack it near the house. I’m not that strong of a person and I have never used a chainsaw before, so I mostly split the wood and stacked it but that was all morning on Saturday.

Zone Interviews: This is where the entire zone (In our case the Manchester, Bedford, Concord and Canterbury Districts) and we get taught by the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. We also get interviewed by the mission president and have a small workshop with the mission president’s wife. It was interesting and very informative.

It is very dry here. It has been threatening to rain on us for a couple of days now and I’m like “I command the clouds to RELEASE THEIR RAIN!!” because I like it when it rains in the morning. It has a nice smell to it.

My Companion, during a lesson with a member family, had a thought about D&C 4: When the wheat turns golden-brown, it means that it is ready to harvest. When it turns white, you have to do all you can to finish the harvest and then you have to burn the field in order to preserve the ground so that it can support the next crop. If the field was white when Joseph Smith received D&C 4, think of what may happen soon when it is time to burn the field? It was an interesting thought that he had.

All in all, not much happened this week, I hope to hear from some of you soon through Email and Snail Mail.

Till next time,
— Elder Richard Seely

Happy Late Mother’s Day

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To all the Mothers in the world I want to say happy belated Mothers Day.

Because I’m only allowed to email on P-Days (Monday) I can’t say it soon enough, but we as missionaries greatly appreciate our mothers in all that they do.

Monday (Last Week): Surprise exchange start.

Tuesday: Went on exchange with another elder in the district, with an Elder Jensen and we worked in the Concord area for the day

Wednesday: District Meeting, Great experience there.

Thursday: We did a little service to some ward members, and we worked in Pembroke until later in the day when we had our first set of Home Teaching appointments.

Friday: Weekly Planning, and a dinner with another family (The Ward is awesome)

Saturday: Traveled to Franklin and worked up there and then met with another Home Teaching appointment and had dinner as well.

Which takes us to Sunday: we visited with another member and we taught a lesson, had dinner, Skyped, and talked about the weather patterns that I should expect during my stay in the Concord area.

IMG_2313[1]Speaking of Skype, as it was Mothers Day, we (the missionaries) were given the opportunity to skype to our families. It was a wonderful experience to see them again after 2 months of not seeing them, I only wish that we could do it more often.

Doing well in New Hampshire, with exception to the weather. It is way too humid for me; I’m used to the heat, but not the humidity…

Let me tell you some interesting things about New Hampshire:

  • Concord is not pronounced Con-CORD, it is CON-curd.
  • Penacook (where our apartment is) is technically Concord in administrative functions, but all the people live in Penacook.
  • New Hampshire’s roads are not organized like ours are. There are random one way roads scattered throughout Concord and the surrounding areas. Its just a little annoying…

Oh well…

Hope you have a good Mothers Day and I hope you have a good week.


Elder Richard Seely

Week 2.5

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I have now been out for 2 weeks now and it was a rather interesting week, but we as missionaries have a goal to get to 100% home teaching, and we have a plan to accomplish it. We have split the area into blue and red zones for carpooling purposes and we are going to help home teach members in those areas and that took 4 days to go from needing an area change for proselyting purposes to the plan we have now. Here are the days events:

Monday: P-Day

Tuesday: Study in the BoM and a lot of street contacting

Wednesday: Packed with lessons to members

THursday: New Missionary/Trainer Conference

Friday: Teaching more lessons… so much walking…

Saturday: I need to remember that I burn rather than get tan… we did yard work for a nonmember couple in Epsom

Sunday: Attended PEC and Ward Council as well as brainstormed ideas for a musical fireside that is coming up on the 31st of May.

Monday (Today): Writing email to friends and family

So my week has been an interesting one, I hope to have more like it.

Till next time,

Elder Richard Seely