Week 2.5

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I have now been out for 2 weeks now and it was a rather interesting week, but we as missionaries have a goal to get to 100% home teaching, and we have a plan to accomplish it. We have split the area into blue and red zones for carpooling purposes and we are going to help home teach members in those areas and that took 4 days to go from needing an area change for proselyting purposes to the plan we have now. Here are the days events:

Monday: P-Day

Tuesday: Study in the BoM and a lot of street contacting

Wednesday: Packed with lessons to members

THursday: New Missionary/Trainer Conference

Friday: Teaching more lessons… so much walking…

Saturday: I need to remember that I burn rather than get tan… we did yard work for a nonmember couple in Epsom

Sunday: Attended PEC and Ward Council as well as brainstormed ideas for a musical fireside that is coming up on the 31st of May.

Monday (Today): Writing email to friends and family

So my week has been an interesting one, I hope to have more like it.

Till next time,

Elder Richard Seely


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