Happy Late Mother’s Day

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To all the Mothers in the world I want to say happy belated Mothers Day.

Because I’m only allowed to email on P-Days (Monday) I can’t say it soon enough, but we as missionaries greatly appreciate our mothers in all that they do.

Monday (Last Week): Surprise exchange start.

Tuesday: Went on exchange with another elder in the district, with an Elder Jensen and we worked in the Concord area for the day

Wednesday: District Meeting, Great experience there.

Thursday: We did a little service to some ward members, and we worked in Pembroke until later in the day when we had our first set of Home Teaching appointments.

Friday: Weekly Planning, and a dinner with another family (The Ward is awesome)

Saturday: Traveled to Franklin and worked up there and then met with another Home Teaching appointment and had dinner as well.

Which takes us to Sunday: we visited with another member and we taught a lesson, had dinner, Skyped, and talked about the weather patterns that I should expect during my stay in the Concord area.

IMG_2313[1]Speaking of Skype, as it was Mothers Day, we (the missionaries) were given the opportunity to skype to our families. It was a wonderful experience to see them again after 2 months of not seeing them, I only wish that we could do it more often.

Doing well in New Hampshire, with exception to the weather. It is way too humid for me; I’m used to the heat, but not the humidity…

Let me tell you some interesting things about New Hampshire:

  • Concord is not pronounced Con-CORD, it is CON-curd.
  • Penacook (where our apartment is) is technically Concord in administrative functions, but all the people live in Penacook.
  • New Hampshire’s roads are not organized like ours are. There are random one way roads scattered throughout Concord and the surrounding areas. Its just a little annoying…

Oh well…

Hope you have a good Mothers Day and I hope you have a good week.


Elder Richard Seely


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