A Boring Week…

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Every missionary that I have talked to has said the mission speeds up at around 18 months. From my point of view, last Saturday was yesterday and the start of my mission was last week. But anyway here is the week in review (though I don’t remember most of it)

Last Monday: P-Day, went on exchange with the Zone leaders

Tuesday: Exchange with Zone leaders in Bedford

Wednesday: Not much happened here either…

Thursday: Lots of walking, nothing to do here either

Friday: Zone Interviews, more on that to come.

Saturday: Wood Project, More on that soon

Sunday: Church, Ward Council, Home Teaching Planning…

Wood Project: We were asked if we could help in the ward with an older sister in getting some firewood for the next winter, we had to cut the trees down, cut them into manageable chunks, split it, and stack it near the house. I’m not that strong of a person and I have never used a chainsaw before, so I mostly split the wood and stacked it but that was all morning on Saturday.

Zone Interviews: This is where the entire zone (In our case the Manchester, Bedford, Concord and Canterbury Districts) and we get taught by the zone leaders and the sister training leaders. We also get interviewed by the mission president and have a small workshop with the mission president’s wife. It was interesting and very informative.

It is very dry here. It has been threatening to rain on us for a couple of days now and I’m like “I command the clouds to RELEASE THEIR RAIN!!” because I like it when it rains in the morning. It has a nice smell to it.

My Companion, during a lesson with a member family, had a thought about D&C 4: When the wheat turns golden-brown, it means that it is ready to harvest. When it turns white, you have to do all you can to finish the harvest and then you have to burn the field in order to preserve the ground so that it can support the next crop. If the field was white when Joseph Smith received D&C 4, think of what may happen soon when it is time to burn the field? It was an interesting thought that he had.

All in all, not much happened this week, I hope to hear from some of you soon through Email and Snail Mail.

Till next time,
— Elder Richard Seely


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