A Missionary’s Week

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I can now say that have gotten a pretty good idea of what the rest of my mission will look like: I will spend 5/6 of time out proselyting and rest will be spent recovering from sickness. I say that because I have been sitting in the apartment for about a week and I think we have more to come. The weather out here isn’t helping me or my companion because it has been so muggy recently.

Here is the play by play of this week:
Monday: We felt pretty good so we did some simple proselyting.

Tuesday was a disaster. Nothing we had planned got done. Elder Betts was so sick it was very challenging to get him out of bed.

Wednesday: We felt okay enough to go to district meeting and conduct (so well that if you didn’t know he was sick that you would have thought that he is just a little tired).

Thursday: He’s still quite out of it. I have determined that if it lasts till Saturday that we are spending the next Monday in the hospital to figure out what is going on. Package arrived! All is well.

Friday: Another day sitting around the apartment, while Elder Betts recovers from being sick, I’m officially 19 but I think that mission office has incorrect information. I’ll check in on that next time I’m in Bedford.

Saturday: Yet another day in the apartment; this makes day 7. More practice for tomorrow’s musical fireside. Elder L Tom Perry died and has gone all the way of the earth, may he rest in peace. Transfers happened…

Sunday: We did go to church and the fireside was a complete success.
I want to say a couple of the words about elder L Tom Perry. He was a physically commanding person who knew how to use the space he was given, he talked with power but with a comforting tone. I want you to know that I wouldn’t be surprised if other members of the quorum of the twelve were to die within the next couple of years, the quorum is starting to get grow older and I believe that the Lord knows this and preparing their replacements right now. I do not know who is going to take the place of Elder Perry, but I know that it will be someone who is unprepared to take the role, and the Lord will transform him.

Transfers have come, and I will be staying here, and my companion is becoming the zone leader and I will be follow up trained by the incoming district leader. My address has not changed this time. Other changes happening in the district: we are getting a new sister in Canterbury and the Concord elders are getting a new elder. So this will be interesting to train him on the area and be trained at the same time.

No photos this week, sorry.

Elder Seely

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