Teaching, Preaching, and Tracting. Oh My!!

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Last Sunday (which I forgot to tell you about), a couple of Baptist kids came from the church which is right next to us to visit shortly after Sacrament Meeting. They cornered several of us and asked us question after question, and we had a brilliant discussion of our belief. I’ll expound on it more later.

Receiving a new companion, brings area training, something I’m doing a not so great job at. But new my companion has been in the western part of mission for most of his service, so he thinks this is a good break from that area (before he plunges into the abyss of Maine). Anyway, our teaching pool has been small so we are tracting a lot.

Monday: All emails were sent from this iPad. Here are the Elders from my first district (before we’re transferred other places…) Left to Right, Elders Perry, Jenson, Betts, and Seely.

R's first district

Tuesday: Transfer meeting, received my new companion: Elder Poe (Related to Edgar Allen Poe)

Wednesday: Mostly in Pittsfield, tracting.

Thursday: More tracting.

Friday: Tracting again.

Saturday: Guess what we did? If you guessed tracting, you’re right. Tracting is a long process that comes with no guarantee of success at all. When we do teach, it is someone who is surprised that we are out in extreme conditions (very muggy, hot mostly), anyway, not something you want to do a lot because it is super tiring, and the fact that some houses are farther away from each other (makes great exercise though).

Sunday: Stake Conference. We helped a little bit with ushering, had another visit from the Baptists, and we brought more people to discuss our beliefs in more detail.

So, about the Baptist kids… here is what happened. Last week on Sunday (may 31) we had a surprise visit from some Baptist kids that wanted to learn about our religion. Well they said what they think we believe and we gently corrected them, because we know what we believe. We spoke with them in detail about we believe and they left. This past Sunday (June 7) they came back after stake conference, with a specific set of questions, and we answered them as best we could. Then our Mission President and the Seventy who spoke to us earlier dropped in and brought weight to what we had be talking about. I don’t know what they (the Baptist kids) were thinking after that, but I felt the spirit and I know that what they testified of is true.

Which leads to today where we have several district activities that we are doing after emailing our families.

My training continues without much resistance but I’m starting to understand all of the concepts of being a good missionary. As long as I remain obedient to the rules that I have been given then I should be ok. This week went at a fairly odd pace, must be the transfer meeting that disrupted the speed, oh well.

Elder Seely

Ps I’m trying something new in my emails. I have been sending the letter to myself because I can’t email groups on my iPad (I have to select every contact) so we’ll see how this goes… And because I had a tiny bit of goof off time on my iPad, meet my imaginary puffball friend…R's puffball


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