I have no idea what happened

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Well, I have nothing much to report here this week either. I don’t even have my planner with me. How unmissionary like of me. Anywho…
Monday – Today: I dont know what we did.
I lied last week, this is the shortest letter ever.
Anyway, take care out there!

On the lack of email from my siblings…my guess is that you have nothing to say (or so you claim), I want you all to know that you always have something you want to say, regardless if it be a difficult assignment given to you or a get well card while you were sick. I have the ability to read my emails all week. If you tell me you’re have trouble with something, I will make sure to add you to my prayers and respond back with encouraging words when I can reply. We are commanded to pray often to Heavenly Father because he wants to hear us. I want to hear from you. I love you all, I love you no less if you don’t email me, but please Please PLEASE email me!


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