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This week has come and gone, and I think it broke the speed limit out here, meaning the week seemed to go by very quickly! Speed limits aside:

Monday: P-Day stuffs… here’s a picture of me with my tablet.

Tuesday: We worked in Barnstead and Pittsfield, had some success in those areas. At this point, “success” is getting a few appointments in a single area. Teaching is something we aren’t doing a lot of yet, but we are stilling working on it.


Thursday: Lots of walking, because we got grounded. We have a car for driving to the far off places of the area. When we get grounded we are not supposed to use the car for that day. It’s common to be grounded because of severe weather, but occasionally we are grounded for not following car care requirements.

Friday: Weekly planned the next week and spent 2 hours in Loudon, not including the dinner we had up there. My endurance and persistence have increased, but my feet still hurt after walking 15+ miles.

Saturday: Worked in Franklin (which isn’t ours…)

Sunday: Church, Dinner, work, not much… At dinner with a family who is from Utah, we were talking about our family lines and Brother W. mentions something about his ancestors and then something about Ebeneezer Bryce. It turns out that I’m related to them. He is from the oldest son of Ebeneezer and I’m from the second youngest. It was so interesting to find out that link.

My scripture study is at a stand still right now. I’m focusing on teaching lessons with confidence…

Well, we have been rained upon for a couple of days. It’s nice while its raining not so much afterwards. It has been consistently 50-55 while raining and 70-80 when Its not. I love the weather out here (Not really)! My back has been giving me trouble as of late, but not enough to put me out of action. Getting up is still a problem, but I do my best.

Elder Seely

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