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I would like to apologize for the lack of reading content in my previous letters, I was quite short on time because we had several lengthy things to do and they all required my attention, we had car repairs, emergency appointments with members (all is well) and pretty much out of Wifi range for most of the day, again I’m sorry.With that,
Went to the mission office for the purpose of meeting with the office staff, the office is in Bedford and is small compared to the Horrocks office, which is fine for there purposes
Worked in Pittsfield with three investigators, all of them are progressing well, two were formers from two transfers ago, I wonder why they were dropped
Worked in Franklin, I’ll explain that in a minute
Went on exchange with elder Jensen (cool guy) worked with some less actives who we found over last week
Was in Pembroke much walking…
Pembroke again, all lessons, our favorite is sis Creon, I’ll explain her as well
Studies, Ward council, church, and dinner with some LA who have some interesting theory’s
Why is Franklin not ours?
It was originally the sisters area, but they got emergency transferred to other places, sis McVey was transferred to the office while her ankle heals up, and sis Collins was transferred to another area where the sister there had her third medical emergency and was sent home. We currently cover twice the geographical area.
Sis Creon is a LA who we have been working with the past couple of weeks, her goal is to go to the temple (a worthy goal) and has been coming to church despite his and her medical issues, she has been progressing for a while and he is not a member.
I continue to learn of the gospel and learning how to teach it. I bid you all a good week

Elder Seely


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