If this line appears, delete it and move on

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This is going to be the first email to the blog exclusively (and not the last).

Welcome to the blog! This is where all future emails will be sent, to simplify my email process.

So…my week:
Monday: P-day adventures

Tuesday: You know what… I’m kinda tired, so I don’t have much to say about the week. I’m being transferred to a new area so my mailing address is not good anymore. When I find out where I’m serving next, I will let everyone know where my mail should go.

I would like to say to the Canterbury Ward–where I have been serving for the last 12 weeks–that I thank you for being nice enough to somewhat understand the fact that I’m new…

Also, I keep hearing of a Facebook page for the New Hampshire Manchester mission. I encourage you to go look at that. It may contain pictures of me.

Recent pictures
Picnic…Elder Poe

And that’s it, keep following the blog!

Elder Seely


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