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This past week has been relatively uneventful, as such it may seem like there is nothing to write home about. But let me tell you the missionary work continues to roll on. Multiple people in the scriptures tell us that this work will be a marvelous work and a wonder. It is. But while it may seem like I have nothing to say, know this, that I’m a firm believer that the seeds I plant will blossom in the future, I know not when or even where the seeds will bloom, all I know (and frankly care about) is that I’m doing a marvelous work, so much so that people wonder…

On that note here has been my week,

Monday – After emails we went to a service opportunity and had dinner afterwards. The service we did was to retrieve boxes of stuff and store it in a different part of the house, the attic was hotter than the rest of the house by 20+ degrees, so we got a good work out. The dinner was salmon with a special seasoning recipe that I have to get and send home, it was the best salmon I have had in years. We also began an exchange with the Machias elders where Elder Burt came to Belfast

Tuesday – We went and did service at the local soup kitchen. We also did a whole lot of walking and getting doors kindly shut in our face (the usual New England response) and then we tracted into this nice lady who said that she was curious about our believes were.

Wednesday – We went to zone meeting in Bangor and we received more training for our iPads and we were told that the next phase would be released to us some time next week. We also had lunch and exchanged back into our original companionships.

Thursday – We went to the soup kitchen again (they have asked us to come Tuesday and Thursday every week) and had some good fun and then proceeded to change into service clothes and went to do some… Cleanup with goats… Yeah

Friday – PIONEER DAY!!!! We did nothing… We continued to visit some people in the branch taught a few lessons and had an ok day.

Saturday – This was the day we did stuff, we had a branch Pioneer Day with live music (my companion) good food (provided graciously by the members) and games (nails and tug a war). We had a good time there and I only wish that the entire branch was there…

Sunday – Branch council was ok. The day was rainy and some random people gave us rain ponchos and we had a excellent dinner provided by Elder Shupe.

Today – We are going to hike Acadia as a district for PDay. We will have fun.

Now…after our hike…We did have fun, plenty of pictures!
So the questions:

1. What has helped your testimony grow this week? Describe what you learned or experienced.

Nothing again, I’m still looking for it

2. What is one interesting thing about your area that makes you smile? Why?

Well, the district is a riot we have fun with each other when we see each other, and we joke around while on the phone, car rides with anyone are hilarious and we know how each one is doing.

3. What was your favorite/least favorite missionary moment this week? Describe.

It was our hike in Acadia today, pictures below.

4. Is there anything we can add to our prayers to help you? Praying for investigators, for example?

At this point we have been trying to find less active members of the branch. We have not been able to find the addresses. We know they exist and that people live at these addresses. We also need to find more people to teach.

Anyway, we have had a good week, your prayers are helping, keep sending them 😉

Elder Seely

Ps pictures
The district
In order left to right
Elders liljenquist, Cobb, Bradley, Shupe, Burt, wallentine is behind elder Burt, hannig, sanders and sisters Sewell and Jensen

The view was very foggy…

On the car ride home

Random fish at “the bowl”

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