The time has arrived…

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That time of my mission has arrived yet again. I can hardly believe that it has been 4.5 months since I left on my mission. Oh what changes I have seen in my life verses before my mission. I have been transferred to another place: current speculation says that I will be going to Wyndham, but I suspect otherwise. So, I no longer reside at Belfast, but will still be in Maine. But with that, my companion will also be transferred (a maneuver called shotguned out with its related term shotguned in for the new arrivals). He will be a zone leader somewhere. He speculates that he will be going to Laconia, New Hampshire (I think he is going to Vermont) but we will see. The travel plan is to go to the Wyndham apartment and transfer me to there (or something like that) and Elder Shupe is taking the other missionary to transfer meeting. After that, nobody knows what will happen. At some point I’ll figure out where everyone went and then I will stick around in my new area for at least 6 weeks. Fun stuff! Not really…but this will be the first time I don’t go to transfer meeting.

Monday: Pday and exchanges with Elder Liljenquist coming to Belfast.

Tuesday: We visited (or attempted to visit) people, all of which weren’t home again.

Wednesday: Elder Chilton, AP 2 (assistant to the president), decided to come and visit us for district meeting That was interesting…

Thursday: See Tuesday except we tried to visit a lot more people.

Friday: See Thursday except we tracted more and had a dinner appt.

isleboroislandSaturday: We visited Islesboro and had some excellent lobster with a member and street contacted a little bit, I actually have more to say later. We also had transfer calls as well!

Isleboro is an island that is part of our area, but the only way to get there is by ferry and ferries cost money and take up the entire day so we only go once a transfer but it is beautiful I have pictures of it attached. But we have a couple of members who live there and we primarily go and visit them because: 1 we don’t have anyone else to teach. 2 we don’t want to be spending money that could be used for groceries on ferry tickets. So we have no purpose except to visit members when we do go. But I got to ride a ferry twice and it was pretty cool

Sunday: Church and packing.

Today: Emails and packing.



1. What has helped your testimony grow this week? Describe what you learned or experienced.

Transfer calls, they come with so much anticipation, you are being told by the APs where you are going, but you know that it is from the mission president, who receives inspiration from the Lord

2. What is one interesting thing about your area that makes you smile? Why?

The district is a bunch of goof balls, I might be the most sane people in the group and it isn’t saying much.😀

3. What was your favorite/least favorite missionary moment this week? Describe.

Exchanges, that Elder Liljenquist is a bouncing off the walls kind of guy…

4. Is there anything we can add to our prayers to help you? Praying for investigators, for example?

As we are being shotguned out, prayers for the missionaries (who may be shotgun training) coming in to help them get used to this area.

Anyway, I’m hearing that mostly everyone is safe, fires are ongoing in Oregon, Washington and California. My prayers go out to the firefighters in those areas to continue to be safe as they can.

Elder Seely

PS. I have just found out that you are not enjoying the pictures that I send here, I will work out something and you can enjoy pictures with the blog posts, also please don’t comment on the blog. Send me email directly ( . Thanks!


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