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Rough week

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This week was a rough week for me in every sense, physically drained, emotionally put out, mentally exhausted. To start off,
Monday: updated my ipad to iOS 9, completely made it nonfunctional, pretty much had to rely on knowledge of the area and a paper planner
Tuesday: Was on exchange with Elder Reed in windham, I know that missionaries come from all walks of life and Elder Reed is part of it
Wednesday: my plans got screwed over and I don’t have a good account of the day so, we did finding all day long, after district meeting…
Thursday: We have a new investigator and we are thrilled to to be teaching again. The plans after 5 got
Friday: we had our apartment inspection done and we passed with flying colors, we also got my iPad fixed by some excellent members, who we happened to have dinner appointment with.
Saturday: Plans screwed with again, we need better plans. Although this time it was not our fault, the previous companionship did all the work that we were going to do.
Sunday: you think that with the screwed up plans we would be better? Nope, more screwed up plans and we pretty much played it by the seat of our pants.
So overall we got screwed every day of the week this week, whether it be my doing, his doing or everyone else’s doing, fun stuff.
A few things that I totally forgot in the last letter: we had zone conference last week. All of the Maine zones went to the farmingdale, for some of the farther zones that is a loooonnnngggg drive, it took us an hour to get there, for Belfast, who knows…
Anyway, we are going to a pday for elders and we will have fun!
See you tomorrow!!
Elder R Seely
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Just another week in Windham

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Well, another week has passed, turns out it’s now week 5. Where has all the days gone? I don’t really know, all I know is that I will be returning home in the next weeks according to my perception of time… even though I have a year and a half to go. But it is all good work being done in that time.Monday: Zone P-day, which doesn’t happen very often so we wanted not to be late…
Tuesday: Seems
Wednesday: Like
Thursday: A
Friday: Blur
Saturday: Miracle and Stake conference
Sunday: Stake Conference
We are doing so much finding that it has been a very uneventful week. A Miracle that we did see happened this Saturday: We were looking for a member to go with us to an investigators lesson, we called our trusty assistant ward mission leader and asked if he could to the lesson at 3. Stake conference was this week and the priesthood session was at 3. We called another member to see if he could come. He could and so we went to the lesson, only to find our AWML (assistant ward mission leader) there talking with the investigator. we were both surprised at that. But we started the lesson anyway. About halfway way through the lesson another person appeared and was intrigued and asked if she could listen, always will to say yes, we did. At the end of the lesson she asked questions that she had had all her life and we answered them without a shadow of a doubt to her. What will happen next, we don’t know, we will find out this week whether she is a new investigator.
Other than stake conference, which was pretty good, nothing happened this week. But I continue to work in the field, though tiring.
Have a good week!

A thing to remember

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What a busy week this wee:, full of teaching and finding but mostly finding. One of the common methods of finding is simply knocking on doors. Quite simple, knock on the door say you have a message you want to share, and then get the door slammed in your face. Easy right? Not really, especially if you love the people as the Savior loved them, it hurts you, not because the door shut was shut in your face, but them not wanting to listen. But other than that my week looks a lot like this:

Monday-Sunday: Finding. Not lots to say…so I just need my eyes to find, and find, and find…R bubble oct2015
Mondays seem to be the fun days mostly because we email family and have fun with the other missionaries. But interacting with the Ward is fun as well, and it seems like the only thing we can do is to try to get referrals from Ward members (Seeing as the last 4 converts were member referrals).

This week is going to be more interesting though, but I need something to write about for next weeks email home.  I don’t have the questions on hand so I’m not going to bother with them this week, I will do them next week.

Also, At some point a link to a talk I gave will be posted here, its a great talk on D&C 11:21.

Anyway, have fun this week…

OH, I got permission to use another feature that iOS can do
This is a link to a album of pictures that I will try to update every monday when I get the chance. I have been posting pictures to here for some time and have been given permission to show this to the rest of the world!

Elder Seely’s Missionary Experience

Have a great week!

Picture (found this great t-shirt and became a super hero in it)

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Sept 2015

(Did you remember that my companion, Elder Thomas, is from England? Yep, Hull, England.)

So… Much… Finding…

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forest sept 2015

We have done over 40 hours of finding this last week, so I’m not going to bother with the play by play this week, as most of it would be tracting and street, we are teaching some people, but we have two that we are actively teaching so not much there, seeking refferals from members right now.

Speaking of members, this ward is wicked awesome (crap, now I sound like a Mainer). Meal appointments, members present at lessons, and awesome meetings. I wish every ward was like this in some way or another. But sadly not every ward is as awesome as this ward is.

1. What has helped your testimony grow this week? Describe what you learned or experienced.
The willingness of the ward to help further the work of the Lord, I have seen several wards that do this effectively but the Windham ward is the best thus far.

2. What is one interesting thing about your area that makes you smile? Why?
There is a little Caesars out here 😁

3. What was your favorite/least favorite missionary moment this week? Describe.
Tracting, I hate it, but we nothing else to do…

road sept20154. Is there anything we can add to our prayers to help you? 
For help in finding people to teach, the Belfast area had a small teaching pool, but windhams is smaller, so we need help there. “Nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach” Preach My Gospel chap 9
Anyway, maybe you can have more fun this week than I have.

Good day to you all,
Elder Seely

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Pic….my companion, Elder Thomas.