So… Much… Finding…

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forest sept 2015

We have done over 40 hours of finding this last week, so I’m not going to bother with the play by play this week, as most of it would be tracting and street, we are teaching some people, but we have two that we are actively teaching so not much there, seeking refferals from members right now.

Speaking of members, this ward is wicked awesome (crap, now I sound like a Mainer). Meal appointments, members present at lessons, and awesome meetings. I wish every ward was like this in some way or another. But sadly not every ward is as awesome as this ward is.

1. What has helped your testimony grow this week? Describe what you learned or experienced.
The willingness of the ward to help further the work of the Lord, I have seen several wards that do this effectively but the Windham ward is the best thus far.

2. What is one interesting thing about your area that makes you smile? Why?
There is a little Caesars out here 😁

3. What was your favorite/least favorite missionary moment this week? Describe.
Tracting, I hate it, but we nothing else to do…

road sept20154. Is there anything we can add to our prayers to help you? 
For help in finding people to teach, the Belfast area had a small teaching pool, but windhams is smaller, so we need help there. “Nothing happens in missionary work until you find people to teach” Preach My Gospel chap 9
Anyway, maybe you can have more fun this week than I have.

Good day to you all,
Elder Seely

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Pic….my companion, Elder Thomas.


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