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What a busy week this wee:, full of teaching and finding but mostly finding. One of the common methods of finding is simply knocking on doors. Quite simple, knock on the door say you have a message you want to share, and then get the door slammed in your face. Easy right? Not really, especially if you love the people as the Savior loved them, it hurts you, not because the door shut was shut in your face, but them not wanting to listen. But other than that my week looks a lot like this:

Monday-Sunday: Finding. Not lots to say…so I just need my eyes to find, and find, and find…R bubble oct2015
Mondays seem to be the fun days mostly because we email family and have fun with the other missionaries. But interacting with the Ward is fun as well, and it seems like the only thing we can do is to try to get referrals from Ward members (Seeing as the last 4 converts were member referrals).

This week is going to be more interesting though, but I need something to write about for next weeks email home.  I don’t have the questions on hand so I’m not going to bother with them this week, I will do them next week.

Also, At some point a link to a talk I gave will be posted here, its a great talk on D&C 11:21.

Anyway, have fun this week…

OH, I got permission to use another feature that iOS can do
This is a link to a album of pictures that I will try to update every monday when I get the chance. I have been posting pictures to here for some time and have been given permission to show this to the rest of the world!

Elder Seely’s Missionary Experience

Have a great week!


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