Just another week in Windham

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Well, another week has passed, turns out it’s now week 5. Where has all the days gone? I don’t really know, all I know is that I will be returning home in the next weeks according to my perception of time… even though I have a year and a half to go. But it is all good work being done in that time.Monday: Zone P-day, which doesn’t happen very often so we wanted not to be late…
Tuesday: Seems
Wednesday: Like
Thursday: A
Friday: Blur
Saturday: Miracle and Stake conference
Sunday: Stake Conference
We are doing so much finding that it has been a very uneventful week. A Miracle that we did see happened this Saturday: We were looking for a member to go with us to an investigators lesson, we called our trusty assistant ward mission leader and asked if he could to the lesson at 3. Stake conference was this week and the priesthood session was at 3. We called another member to see if he could come. He could and so we went to the lesson, only to find our AWML (assistant ward mission leader) there talking with the investigator. we were both surprised at that. But we started the lesson anyway. About halfway way through the lesson another person appeared and was intrigued and asked if she could listen, always will to say yes, we did. At the end of the lesson she asked questions that she had had all her life and we answered them without a shadow of a doubt to her. What will happen next, we don’t know, we will find out this week whether she is a new investigator.
Other than stake conference, which was pretty good, nothing happened this week. But I continue to work in the field, though tiring.
Have a good week!


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