Rough week

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This week was a rough week for me in every sense, physically drained, emotionally put out, mentally exhausted. To start off,
Monday: updated my ipad to iOS 9, completely made it nonfunctional, pretty much had to rely on knowledge of the area and a paper planner
Tuesday: Was on exchange with Elder Reed in windham, I know that missionaries come from all walks of life and Elder Reed is part of it
Wednesday: my plans got screwed over and I don’t have a good account of the day so, we did finding all day long, after district meeting…
Thursday: We have a new investigator and we are thrilled to to be teaching again. The plans after 5 got
Friday: we had our apartment inspection done and we passed with flying colors, we also got my iPad fixed by some excellent members, who we happened to have dinner appointment with.
Saturday: Plans screwed with again, we need better plans. Although this time it was not our fault, the previous companionship did all the work that we were going to do.
Sunday: you think that with the screwed up plans we would be better? Nope, more screwed up plans and we pretty much played it by the seat of our pants.
So overall we got screwed every day of the week this week, whether it be my doing, his doing or everyone else’s doing, fun stuff.
A few things that I totally forgot in the last letter: we had zone conference last week. All of the Maine zones went to the farmingdale, for some of the farther zones that is a loooonnnngggg drive, it took us an hour to get there, for Belfast, who knows…
Anyway, we are going to a pday for elders and we will have fun!
See you tomorrow!!
Elder R Seely
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One thought on “Rough week

    judi said:
    September 28, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    It sounds, Elder Seely, like someone might be working against you! I am sure there are days that make you wonder why you are there working so hard and nothing seems to work out right. Just imagine, though, that there is only ONE person you were meant to be there for. That one person will ONLY connect with you. If you aren’t there, doing your best, you might miss that one important person! I have you in my prayers….and I know that Heavenly Father is very mindful of us all….and that includes you as a missionary! Work hard, pray hard, and take your p-day to find some fun!
    love to you,
    auntie m


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