Transfer, companions, and work Oh MY!!

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For this week we had transfer meeting in which we got new companionships. My new companion is an Elder whom I have served with while on exchanges. Elder Perry Oct2015   Elder Perry who is from Perry, Utah (no relation) is my new companion. He is a new district leader so it will be fun to show him the ropes that I myself have only observed, but he has the potiential to become an awesome district leader where ever he serves.

But anyway, I have been procrastinating this post for a while so… Monday: pday
Tuesday: transfers, a day in Saco, Maine
Wednesday: just a blur
…I’m writing this email in my P-day clothes, waiting for Cornish 1 to arrive so that we can go to Yarmouth to have Zone P-day.

While waiting, I have several things going on around me

  1. My companion is typing his emails to his family
  2. Laundry is going
  3. Thinking about what Pie we should bring to zone P-day
  4. Wondering if there is anything that I should do before leaving
  5. Where is my Bro’s email…

So plenty of things are happening at the Windham Apt. All of them worthy activities for the day. maybe not the pie thing… but pie is still good…

Just know that all is well, and the work of the Lord is progressing

Elder R Seely
Sent from my Mission-Issued iPad


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