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SO this week has been rather uneventful, and I have doing okay, I was a little sick earlier this week and I’m a little sick now, but life goes on and I don’t plan on going down for sickness just yet.

R & Elder Perry oct 2015

1. Share a story about the teaching you’re doing. We have had an Investigator who is progressing wonderfully, and by that I mean that she takes the lessons in and truly wants to change for the better. Last week we had a lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she wanted to be baptized, so we committed her to baptism. A few days ago she asked what else she can read, which is a huge thing because no one wants to have contact with missionaries! She also invited her friend to look into the church and she wants to be baptized too. Missionary work is a real thing!

2. What are you learning on your mission now? I am not ponderizing a scripture at this moment, but I have seen some pretty good scriptures that I might do. I was asked to study the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel chapter 1 by my Mission President.

3. Describe something from your mission. One thing that I have noticed is that some people don’t want to talk to us, but are nice enough not to say that. I want to say “we can tell you don’t want us there, but we are sharing an important message that will bless you.” Most people will still ignore us, but that is New England for you.

rain tree oct 20154. What can we include in our prayers to help you? Not much, just pray that we can find those who are searching for the truth and that they will recognize us when we come. Winter is coming, and we are preparing for the weather, so prayers for a mild winter would be nice. Maybe the snow here is like the snow in Utah? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

Love you all!
Elder R Seely
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