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Nov. 30 Pictures

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I am not able to post this week, but I have some pictures I want in their own post. That will be the post for this week.

nov. 30

The District

Nov. 30 district


My Time is well Spent

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So this week’s LTP (Letter to the President) is not appropriate to send this week, but fear not, I will still post.

We had a good week this past week. We have have been preparing for the baptism that was going to be this last weekend, but it was cancelled at the request of the investigator because she wanted both of her parents to support her. So we have changed gears to try to include her mother in Church and in activities with the Relief Society. We have not seen any progress, will hope to see some in the near future.

In other news, I will be sticking around in Windham for the holidays, and we will receive some new pass along cards that advertise the launch of a new video that the church will release shortly after thanksgiving at I have seen the video; it is awesome and is well-done.

Otherwise we have been doing a lot of finding to fill up our time. We found found a part-member family that we can hopefully start teaching. As well as a less active family, so our time will be well spent this week. I just realized that the title and the content in this post match up, that was not intended 🙂

Anyway, have a great week, and be thankful!

Elder R Seely
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Half of My Mission (picture)

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half his mission November 2015

I pulled this picture off the mission facebook page. This is about half of the missionaries in Richard’s mission. He’s framed by the brown tree in the background on the left side. His glasses have darkened into sunglasses, because he’s outside. 🙂  Here’s a closeup… his companion, Elder Perry, is just in front of him on the right.

half his mission November 2015 closeup


Missionary note: I tried to hide my glasses so that you can see my eyes, obviously it didn’t work…

Week of all weeks

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So this weekend, we as a mission had a “Social Media Blitz”: We go and do stuff with members, whether it be service, meals, or missionary work. We had a lot of fun. Members took pictures of themselves and the missionaries and posted them with the hashtag #lds and #socialmediaspilt. I invite you to check that out. You can get a pretty good idea of what New England looks like.

Before you go on reading, I want to provide some backround info…
The following is my letter to President Stoker, and as there are references to several mission-specific things, such as a VGPAA in this letter, I will explain those now.
VGPAA: Stand for “Vision Goal Plans Actions Accountability”. This is what we use to keep our daily plans centered on the purpose of missionary work.

  • We use a Vision to set a goal for the next 6 weeks.
  • A Goal is what we use for this week to acomplish our Vision.
  • The Plan is what we will do today for our Goal.
  • Actions are things we can do to follow our Plans.
  • And we are Accountable to someone in the ward, usually the ward mission leader.

Rescue: A less active member who we brought back to full activity in the Church.

I also make mention of a “3 Transfer area”. A transfer is 6 weeks and begins on a Tuesday. In the past I have never stayed in an area for more than 2 transfers (~3 months). Same goes for 2 transfer companion I have never had a companion for longer than 1 transfer (~1.5 months). But that is all about to change!

Here is the letter:

Starting with media splits, we had 22 media splits occur, most of which we didn’t plan on. But we did get them and almost achieved the goal of 8 per day. I want to say that we saw success for our area from the splits, but no fruit has shown themselves yet. We did get our names out there to other members and we now have a pretty good idea who is and isn’t less active. We will definitely be applying the things that we learned from Zone Conference to that effort.

On top of that our VGPAA this last week was to find two LA families who we could teach and hopefully rescue. We did that and we also found a part member family who we could work with, so overall this area is dead no more… Well, on the investigator side of the work, we still need to find more people, because the one progressing investigator has her baptism this week and the other investigators we have are not going so well. Luckily we have potential investigators who are in Westbrook and the surrounding areas that we still have to contact. We are still putting in teaching record and potentials records so we have lots of finding from formers and potentials to go after, so we can keep busy for the winter.

About transfers, this is my first three transfer area and my first 2 transfer companion. I hope that I serve here for a while longer and hopefully be ready for whatever call that I have next. Do you think that I will be an “iPad service missionary” (or whatever the assignment is called officially) for the rest of my mission or will this be a temporary assignment for a year or less? And another question that follows it is, will I be transfered to an area where the iPad technician has served in the past or will that assignment move to the area that I’m in next? I have lots of questions to ask about what I’m doing can only be answered by me and whomever is assigned to this. Elder Perry and I intend to magnify this assignment where we can, and I don’t know about the other missionaries with this assignment but we are ready to serve.

I mentioned that we have a baptism coming up this week. We found her while street contacting and she has been taking all the disscussions in like no other investigator I have seen. She was a golden investigator and we have her being baptized this week! We have been helping her out with the program and we have involved everyone in that. It will be my first investigator baptized by my efforts. I’m excited to say the least and I can’t wait for this weekend!

I hope you have a good week this week and know that I appreciate the ability to send these letters to you by online means. I would never say this much in a physical letter.
End Letter

So I am staying in Windham, Maine for another 6 weeks, which means I’ll be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas! Send packages!

The winter so far appears to be quite mild, but with my parents’ bugging, I AM going to a mall today to see if I can find a winter coat. Even the locals say that this winter will be mild…

I know that there is a lot this week but we have been running all over the place this weekend and we need to slow down to a slow 3 MPH instead the 200 MPH we have been running at recently. Am I exaggerating it? Yes. Did it feel like it? Yes.

One thing I will ask everyone is to keep the people of France in your prayers. As we have a missionary from France serving in our mission, I certainly will.

Have a good week and stay away from the sadness that exsists today… Elder R Seely
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Zone conference…

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I’ll just quote my Letter to President,
“While I’m writing this, I’m thinking about Elder Holland’s talk about the trials of missionary work (Mostly because it’s playing in the background) where he says that if we are His representatives, we will walk a portion of the path that He walked. He (Elder Holland) says that it takes a change if we are to completely convert to his gospel, and we have been chosen to bear a little part of his burden of bring the souls of men back to Him. Just a thought that I had.

Zone Conference. What more needs to be said? Zone conference was an excellent experience, and it was needed in my life at that time. In fact most of the events in the last 3 weeks have destroyed what pride I held onto. Elder Perry has an excellent quality that not a lot of people have: he can pick apart anything anyone (especially me) says and form a question that is inspired and have the person think about what he asked.

Elder and Sister Nielson taught a lot about how to get along with the companion that we have, and how to build better unity within the companionship. Elder Nielson’s words on finding through the Less Active have have taken a special significance for us and it has increased our desire to invite Less actives, espcially the men, to lessons with investigators so that they feel the missionary spirit and will want to come to Church. It is an approach that I think has potiential to bring the less active and the investigators to church.

I asked that my doctrine of Christ letter be sent to me so that I can compare the changes that have already occurred vs. what I thought, and it has changed drastically. It was a long time to be sitting down, but it was worth it.

After zone conference we went and setup the new phones. Itook us a few minutes to get it switched but it worked and I went to work to help others with a phone or some help with switching over. It felt good to help especially with technology in the mission.

The area is progressing well. We found 2 new LA families that we can teach. They are kind of in the far reachs of the Ward and it will put a strain on miles but we will try to conserve what we can. But we are getting closer and closer to a baptism and a rescue.

I see the light at the end of the long tunnel that I’m in, I need to keep going, and I know that I can make it.”

And I can, and I will.

Elder R Seely
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Happy happy…

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The subject and title have nothing to do with what I’m typing or reading. So here’s my Mom’s questions for me this week:

Describe something that you do to find investigators. What was the most interesting result this week?
One of the finding methods that we use to find people is street contacting. We vary the questions we ask people do start converstions. I have actually used conversation starter about the winter coats that I might need. No odd results yet.

If you had a “bad mood” or a “down” moment this
week…describe what it was and what brought you out of it?
Not much of any down moments this week, but I’ll be honest, I have had a lot of questions of the soul that I needed to answer before I can continue to progress. Most of the questions were asked by Elder Perry, and he needed to ask them. I guess that you can say that increased my testimony of the Savior in a way.

I have to go, so have a good week
Elder R Seely
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