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The subject and title have nothing to do with what I’m typing or reading. So here’s my Mom’s questions for me this week:

Describe something that you do to find investigators. What was the most interesting result this week?
One of the finding methods that we use to find people is street contacting. We vary the questions we ask people do start converstions. I have actually used conversation starter about the winter coats that I might need. No odd results yet.

If you had a “bad mood” or a “down” moment this
week…describe what it was and what brought you out of it?
Not much of any down moments this week, but I’ll be honest, I have had a lot of questions of the soul that I needed to answer before I can continue to progress. Most of the questions were asked by Elder Perry, and he needed to ask them. I guess that you can say that increased my testimony of the Savior in a way.

I have to go, so have a good week
Elder R Seely
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