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I’ll just quote my Letter to President,
“While I’m writing this, I’m thinking about Elder Holland’s talk about the trials of missionary work (Mostly because it’s playing in the background) where he says that if we are His representatives, we will walk a portion of the path that He walked. He (Elder Holland) says that it takes a change if we are to completely convert to his gospel, and we have been chosen to bear a little part of his burden of bring the souls of men back to Him. Just a thought that I had.

Zone Conference. What more needs to be said? Zone conference was an excellent experience, and it was needed in my life at that time. In fact most of the events in the last 3 weeks have destroyed what pride I held onto. Elder Perry has an excellent quality that not a lot of people have: he can pick apart anything anyone (especially me) says and form a question that is inspired and have the person think about what he asked.

Elder and Sister Nielson taught a lot about how to get along with the companion that we have, and how to build better unity within the companionship. Elder Nielson’s words on finding through the Less Active have have taken a special significance for us and it has increased our desire to invite Less actives, espcially the men, to lessons with investigators so that they feel the missionary spirit and will want to come to Church. It is an approach that I think has potiential to bring the less active and the investigators to church.

I asked that my doctrine of Christ letter be sent to me so that I can compare the changes that have already occurred vs. what I thought, and it has changed drastically. It was a long time to be sitting down, but it was worth it.

After zone conference we went and setup the new phones. Itook us a few minutes to get it switched but it worked and I went to work to help others with a phone or some help with switching over. It felt good to help especially with technology in the mission.

The area is progressing well. We found 2 new LA families that we can teach. They are kind of in the far reachs of the Ward and it will put a strain on miles but we will try to conserve what we can. But we are getting closer and closer to a baptism and a rescue.

I see the light at the end of the long tunnel that I’m in, I need to keep going, and I know that I can make it.”

And I can, and I will.

Elder R Seely
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