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Christmas, and a happy new year

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This transfer calls I was a little disappointed when I didn’t go district leader, but I have since realized that I’m not ready for it, something that I need to learn was being a follower. I have thought about studying from the gospels and studying the words that Christ used, to learn Christlike attributes. I am however excited to go and serve in a new area, and get to know other missionaries. The Christmas season was nice, no snow but it’s much easier shoveling. My call home on Christmas was nice, it was cool to talk to my family on skype using my iPad, it freed up the members computer for their missionary to call, and made the call a lot more personal.
Otherwise a short letter, but know that I’m willing to go wherever I’m called.

This week has been a quiet week, we had a Christmas call with family and that was sweet, pictures will follow
Also getting transferred, we had calls the day after Christmas, to where I do not know…
Happy new year!

Elder R Seely
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Christmas weekend!

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To say that I’m not excited for Christmas, would be lying. I’m ready for the season to reach its high point. But I’m a little homesick and it is making me a little physically sick so that’s not fun. I have been focusing my studies on PMG chapter 1 more recently because I have needed more “revelance” to missionary work. You said that PMG Ch 1 and Book of Mormon should my primary focus. I have not finished the Book Of Mormon because there is just too much stuff to learn from the book.

We skype with our families this week, as the members are kind enough to to let us come over and do the skype calls. We are blessed to be in an area where we can call home and express our love to them and to others around us. These last 8 months have gone by quickly, I can only wonder what is must feel like to be at the end of my term. Wherever we all go, I would like to think that we find success in some way.

Among other things, I have watched A Savior is Born at least a hundred times on different occasions, but I still love it. It has more power behind it than it lets on. One thing that some members pointed out to us is that this is a universal church: it is the same wherever we go. We can teach one lesson in one place and it would be the same material in another part of the world.

I hope you have an excellent Christmas. We will do our best to stay on track and not focus on ourselves this Christmas season.

I’m truly excited, I can’t wait to call home. Stay tuned for pictures from both side!

Elder R Seely
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I apologize for not emailing you last week. I started emails late last week, and forgot to send one to you first.

This week has been a very slow week in terms of missionary work, but we have been doing finding where we are and when we can. We are growing concerned about the only person in our teaching pool right now. We haven’t seen her at church and she seems to havve been in and out of the hospital. We can’t tell what for, but we have been keeping her in our prayers.

Overall however the week has been rather uneventful, I have been keeping up on my Book of Mormon study pretty well, I’m going to start into Preach My Gospel pretty soon. Other than those resources, what other things should I study into a little bit? Luke 2 has been an increasing part of my studies recently because of the Christmas season. But my studies are getting more and more effective in my life and in my teaching.

Have a nice week!

I kinda like this format of doing things, maybe I will keep doing it for a while ☺

I invite everyone to go and check out It has a cool video that missionaries are showing to the world, and I also want you to go and share the video with your social media as well as sharing some of the things on the website. It is a great opportunity to spread the gospel and get a conversation going. Who knows? Maybe you can help someone to Come Unto Christ.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas.

Elder Seely

PS Go check out the Christmas Devotional as well 😉

Christmas Pictures from Richard

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hand warmerWe sent Richard a some re-usable handwarmers, at his request. We tucked them into small stockings and that’s what he’s holding…

peace on earth

Savior born

An early Christmas?

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When I woke this morning at 6:30 (I actually did that) I decided that I was going to have fun. Up to this point, there has yet to be a dull moment. I opened the door to shopping with my companion and found a large USPS box on the doorstep. I thought huh, and thought that it was too early to get Christmas presents. But then I read the label that said “open before Christmas.” A Christmas present that can be opened before Christmas?

WHAT?!?! I quickly grabbed my knife and opened the box, only to be greeted by another box, candy, and several little boxes. All but one said to wait till Christmas to open. The one package was soon opened and it was a tinsel tree. Inspiration struck,

And this is what followed.
Inside the box are the gifts and the goodies. This might not work, but still a great idea. Anyway, it’s a good week.
See you all next week

Elder R Seely
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