Christmas weekend!

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To say that I’m not excited for Christmas, would be lying. I’m ready for the season to reach its high point. But I’m a little homesick and it is making me a little physically sick so that’s not fun. I have been focusing my studies on PMG chapter 1 more recently because I have needed more “revelance” to missionary work. You said that PMG Ch 1 and Book of Mormon should my primary focus. I have not finished the Book Of Mormon because there is just too much stuff to learn from the book.

We skype with our families this week, as the members are kind enough to to let us come over and do the skype calls. We are blessed to be in an area where we can call home and express our love to them and to others around us. These last 8 months have gone by quickly, I can only wonder what is must feel like to be at the end of my term. Wherever we all go, I would like to think that we find success in some way.

Among other things, I have watched A Savior is Born at least a hundred times on different occasions, but I still love it. It has more power behind it than it lets on. One thing that some members pointed out to us is that this is a universal church: it is the same wherever we go. We can teach one lesson in one place and it would be the same material in another part of the world.

I hope you have an excellent Christmas. We will do our best to stay on track and not focus on ourselves this Christmas season.

I’m truly excited, I can’t wait to call home. Stay tuned for pictures from both side!

Elder R Seely
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