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First off, I’m ok.
Let me explain why I didn’t post last week:
We didn’t have a chance to email last week because we didn’t have power in the Ellsworth chapel, due to a BLIZZARD. (When a blizzard happens, we generally don’t have power. We need power for wifi. We need wifi for emails. And I was not happy that I didn’t email home.) We had been out for a while and were coming to do email (the Chapel has wifi). We got there at 3 hoping to do at least an hour of emails and the power was out, so we decided to do emails at our own chapel, which is an hour drive from Ellsworth. We had come with the Belfast missionaries and so we had to wait on them to leave. And by the time we got back to our area, it was 6:30 and p-day was over, so we were not able to send emails last week.

This last week, we did work, we worked on the AreaBook, we taught a few lessons. All in all, normal missionary life…

Intellectually, it has been an interesting week. We have a potential who seems to know the answers to his own questions, but wants to convince us that his way is right. I posed my own questions to him and he hasn’t gotten back to us. But, I’m ok, my companion is ok, and we are still working.

We do have an investigator who we have been teaching for a while. Her story about how she came to her date for baptism is cool: We have been going over the pamphlet and trying to commit her to a date, but we didn’t get anywhere in committing her. But when we went to the next lesson and we were teaching about baptism in the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet, she told us that during our last lesson she had had a recurring thought to get baptized in May and when we went over the Saturdays in May, and she committed firmly for the first week in May. That was our miracle of the week.

My mission is quite fun, and sometimes can be quite boring. It’s a lot like school though and sometimes I wish that I had developed better study habits and “conviction” to do work regardless of how fun it isn’t.

Have fun this week, and I apologize for not emailing last week.

Elder R Seely
Sent from my Mission-Issued iPad


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