Tuesday Pday!

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jan 25 2016Yep, just like when I was in Belfast, zone interviews happens to be on Monday and so here I am writing to you all on a Tuesday.

The pdays have been rather uneventful as compared to the last 4 weeks, just to sum up what happened on those pdays:

  • Week 1: went to belfast and had some fun up there
  • Week 2: went to Ellsworth with Belfast and played with half the district on district pday
  • Week 3: went to Belfast yet again and Ellsworth elders decided to join us
  • Week 4: went on exchange to Ellsworth on Sunday to Wednesday and watched a missionary broadcast teaching and retention from the missionary department of the church.

So this is the only week it isn’t so crazy, and it’s a nice change to do that. As we at the bottom of the district we have to get a ride with the Belfast missionaries if we are going past them, but because they are on exchanges (I don’t think I call them exchanges anymore…). We don’t want to waste time or miles to go somewhere far, we are crunching miles already. But we are okay with not being with everyone; Machias has to do that quite often, so I don’t feel too bad.

Here are some recent pictures that I have taken while up here.

If you look closely, there is a floating icicle. It’s hanging on a telephone line in the dark.

PS I have heard about this storm that came and snowed/rained on the east coast. It did not touch the mission, but we are getting some big winds. The weather is little like a toddler: when it’s sleeping it’s calm, but things can get sour quickly. One of the advantages and disadvantages of living close to the sea. We do get a lot of wind, so right now I’m not wearing the overcoat a lot except when it’s dirty outside and I want to stay clean (not easy, considering how much sand, salt and, snow is on the ground and the car).

Have an awesome week!

Elder R Seely
Sent from my Mission-Issued iPad


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