Month: February 2016

Lots and lots of… Nothing…

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We have been resting while my companion recovers from another bout of sickness, and I recover from my injury. We have been trying to keep working, and our health will improve eventually… Missionary work is very demanding though and is becoming more and more demanding as the year turns to spring and summer. I’m taking it a day at a time, but hoping that it will be over soon.

Still working toward getting up on time. I got up a few times this week but I have been doing my best despite my back. In doing my best, I have worked too hard and my back was feeling it. That is the only reason why I did not get up in the mornings. On the flip side, I have been doing exercises for my back to help it get better, but I still need to rest when I can.

Other than my back, I have been studying more in the Book Of Mormon especially the chapters on Ammon’s missionary service. A lot of what says applies to out here in the mission. We are still preaching to those around us and strengthening members, but it is getting harder and harder.

It has been a slow week otherwise, we aren’t teaching too many people so we are doing a lot of finding, and my injury isn’t helping… We have committed to at least two hours of finding so we can show that we are looking and willing to follow the Lord.

I have to go shopping now. I never appreciated how much food we eat and how much it costs. A mission gives you a smack in the face as to how much parents spend on you. Thanks.

Elder R Seely
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Wow, my world is different

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Hello world!
So this week, we have been sick a lot. My companion and I have been switching illness all week. Not fun… But unfortunately as I’m writing this, my back is hurting more than usual. This last Thursday I slipped and landed on my tailbone and back with a thud, got the wind knocked out of me. It was that bad of a fall. I’m so glad to have leaders who are concerned for my well-being. The mission nurse told me to reduce my proselyting load for the rest of the transfer (less walking and tracting) while my back recovers. As much as I don’t want to I have to slow down, I need to in order to heal properly. I hope this will help me learn the area better. But until then I’m hurting, but I’m ok.

I did make a mistake in the mailing address. It is actually
PO Box 83
Morrisville VT 05661
United States
I gave out the wrong zip code but now it’s the right one.

Some of the people we are teaching are less actives and all of them are progressing to coming back to church regularly. One of them has changed a lot since I got here. Her living situation is not the most ideal but she is working on moving to a better place to live.

Here is this week’s LTP:

This week has been a slow one; we have been sick 4 out of the 7 days this week, so I have not been getting up on time, mostly because I have not been sleeping well. But on Thursday I fell and since then I have not been doing too good. Sister Simpson asked me to not strain my back while it’s healing, and a subsequent blessing has confirmed that I need to slow down for a time. I’m not going to completely stop working but I’m going to be doing a little less work for a little bit. I hope this will give me a chance to learn the area completely before Elder Andrew is transferred.

Speaking of… we have been getting along quite well. We have found that our teaching styles match and we can teach effectively together. We study well, and we teach each other new things as we understand the same things differently. And we learn differently as well, but we have found commonalities between our personalities and we play to each other strengths and know what each other’s weaknesses are. Other than being sick we are doing just fine.

I’m hurt but we are doing great! See you all next week!
Elder R Seely
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My trip from Maine:
From the Rockland apt, we were picked up by the Branch President of Belfast, and drove about an hour till we reached Kennebunkport (Maine) where we stopped for some breakfast. We had breakfast sandwiches from Burger King (which are not half bad). We then got back on the road for another 1 and a half hours to Manchester (New Hampshire). We arrived and began to mingle with the other missionaries as they waited for rides, new cars, and companions. I found my companion and we set to work determining where our ride was, but got sidetracked because we wanted to talk to missionaries who we have not seen for a while.

Lamoille Valley (our new area in Vermont) is a split ward with two sets of elders. So we are waiting for one missionary’s companion who is going with us. Once he arrived, we had to find the car they would be taking back to their area and fit all of our luggage in it. We found it, but it was not ready to leave just yet. We needed to have a tiwi installed before we could leave. By this time the missionary herd has thinned out significantly and soon us, the APs, and the office staff were the only ones left. Two cars were being replaced in the mission, so we have our ride, these two cars, and the AP’s truck to take to the mission office; no cars left behind. So I got to drive Lamoille 1’s truck to the mission office, and then got on our way to our area, which was a 2-2.5 hour drive. I slept thru most of that.

Vermont is very slippery and I have fallen more than once already. No injuries.

So far so good, I’m liking Vermont. It is definitely a change of pace for me: instead of the little work that we had going on in Rockland, Maine, I have moved to a place where we have work and plenty of room to improve. Elder Andrew (from West Valley, Utah) is great fun to be around, and he is an excellent teacher as well.Elder andrew

I forgot to account for exercising last time, but I did exercise that entire week, this week on the other hand I only did about 3 times, but I got up on time the entire week. Still working to improve but I’m making progress. This transfer my study goal is to read through 1 Nephi to Mosiah and find phrases that show the Christlike attribute of obedience.

Anyway, this transfer is going to feel like a short one, despite it also being a 7 week transfer mainly because my companion is an absolute goof ball. The longer transfer time is to accommodate the new MTC schedule, so it is for a good purpose.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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We had our transfer calls and we are being shotgunned out. (Both of us are leaving the area. It doesn’t happen very often.). This was surprising to both of us. I have approximately the same thoughts that I had in Belfast, but I have come to accept the Lord’s will in that choice and I can come to accept here to. Every transfer it gets harder and harder to pack. I don’t mean in material respects but emotionally. I have grown a love for this area, just like every area past. I’m excited to go to a new area though, and in Vermont of all places. I will definitely enjoy it as much as I can. I am going to Lamoille Valley, Vermont, which is in the Northwest of our mission. It is my first time being in Vermont. This transfer we will have zone conferences at the JSM Chapel, so I will take lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures: The view outside the Camden City Library as I type…

camden city lib

A couple of thoughts: In a recent email that my mom sent me, she talked about how we need to have the gospel relate to us, because there has to be a reason for the learning. If we are learning not to satisfy, then we will forget the knowledge we receive. Transfers are a true test of conversion, because when missionaries leave, it sorts the investigators and less actives out. Those who are only converted to the missionaries, will fall back into old habits. Those who are converted to the gospel, stay with the gospel.

And finally, 10 months today since I began my mission!

Here’s me getting ready for a storm…in the scarf my Mom made me!

getting ready for storm
Have a wonderful week!

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6 weeks, boy is it going by fast!

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It has already week 6, wow. They have been both the most fun and most frustrating time on my mission. I’m in a district with an awesome leader, in one of my favorite Zones. But dealing with members hasn’t been all fun and dandy. Granted: we are making progress, but we are a long way from being the missionary branch that I know we can be. One thing that we have been working on is a new branch mission plan. We had some great discussion and we can’t wait to see what the plan will be and what part we will play.

Switching gears, we (as a companionship) have been talking about our mission experiences so far, we are one transfer apart (my first set of six weeks were his second set of six weeks). We have both been in an area at separate times, in the same district, and now in the same companionship. I have noticed changes in him since we first met, and he has noticed some changes in me. I won’t go into specifics but suffice it to say that I was making it hard for some missionaries to work effectively. Looking back with the knowledge that I have now, I can see how my actions changed how effective we were. I was very quiet during the early days of my mission. Now I more readily connect with members, but I’m still struggling with connecting to investigators and random people on the street. I suspect that I may never be an expert on talking to strangers, but I will certainly be on that road during my mission.

I also want to take a moment to express my appreciation for prayers sent to me, us and missionaries in the mission and around the world. They really do help make miracles happen, and we need those miracles to bring about many great and awesome things.

This really is a marvelous work, and a wonder.

Elder R Seely
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