6 weeks, boy is it going by fast!

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It has already week 6, wow. They have been both the most fun and most frustrating time on my mission. I’m in a district with an awesome leader, in one of my favorite Zones. But dealing with members hasn’t been all fun and dandy. Granted: we are making progress, but we are a long way from being the missionary branch that I know we can be. One thing that we have been working on is a new branch mission plan. We had some great discussion and we can’t wait to see what the plan will be and what part we will play.

Switching gears, we (as a companionship) have been talking about our mission experiences so far, we are one transfer apart (my first set of six weeks were his second set of six weeks). We have both been in an area at separate times, in the same district, and now in the same companionship. I have noticed changes in him since we first met, and he has noticed some changes in me. I won’t go into specifics but suffice it to say that I was making it hard for some missionaries to work effectively. Looking back with the knowledge that I have now, I can see how my actions changed how effective we were. I was very quiet during the early days of my mission. Now I more readily connect with members, but I’m still struggling with connecting to investigators and random people on the street. I suspect that I may never be an expert on talking to strangers, but I will certainly be on that road during my mission.

I also want to take a moment to express my appreciation for prayers sent to me, us and missionaries in the mission and around the world. They really do help make miracles happen, and we need those miracles to bring about many great and awesome things.

This really is a marvelous work, and a wonder.

Elder R Seely
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