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We had our transfer calls and we are being shotgunned out. (Both of us are leaving the area. It doesn’t happen very often.). This was surprising to both of us. I have approximately the same thoughts that I had in Belfast, but I have come to accept the Lord’s will in that choice and I can come to accept here to. Every transfer it gets harder and harder to pack. I don’t mean in material respects but emotionally. I have grown a love for this area, just like every area past. I’m excited to go to a new area though, and in Vermont of all places. I will definitely enjoy it as much as I can. I am going to Lamoille Valley, Vermont, which is in the Northwest of our mission. It is my first time being in Vermont. This transfer we will have zone conferences at the JSM Chapel, so I will take lots of pictures.

Speaking of pictures: The view outside the Camden City Library as I type…

camden city lib

A couple of thoughts: In a recent email that my mom sent me, she talked about how we need to have the gospel relate to us, because there has to be a reason for the learning. If we are learning not to satisfy, then we will forget the knowledge we receive. Transfers are a true test of conversion, because when missionaries leave, it sorts the investigators and less actives out. Those who are only converted to the missionaries, will fall back into old habits. Those who are converted to the gospel, stay with the gospel.

And finally, 10 months today since I began my mission!

Here’s me getting ready for a storm…in the scarf my Mom made me!

getting ready for storm
Have a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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