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My trip from Maine:
From the Rockland apt, we were picked up by the Branch President of Belfast, and drove about an hour till we reached Kennebunkport (Maine) where we stopped for some breakfast. We had breakfast sandwiches from Burger King (which are not half bad). We then got back on the road for another 1 and a half hours to Manchester (New Hampshire). We arrived and began to mingle with the other missionaries as they waited for rides, new cars, and companions. I found my companion and we set to work determining where our ride was, but got sidetracked because we wanted to talk to missionaries who we have not seen for a while.

Lamoille Valley (our new area in Vermont) is a split ward with two sets of elders. So we are waiting for one missionary’s companion who is going with us. Once he arrived, we had to find the car they would be taking back to their area and fit all of our luggage in it. We found it, but it was not ready to leave just yet. We needed to have a tiwi installed before we could leave. By this time the missionary herd has thinned out significantly and soon us, the APs, and the office staff were the only ones left. Two cars were being replaced in the mission, so we have our ride, these two cars, and the AP’s truck to take to the mission office; no cars left behind. So I got to drive Lamoille 1’s truck to the mission office, and then got on our way to our area, which was a 2-2.5 hour drive. I slept thru most of that.

Vermont is very slippery and I have fallen more than once already. No injuries.

So far so good, I’m liking Vermont. It is definitely a change of pace for me: instead of the little work that we had going on in Rockland, Maine, I have moved to a place where we have work and plenty of room to improve. Elder Andrew (from West Valley, Utah) is great fun to be around, and he is an excellent teacher as well.Elder andrew

I forgot to account for exercising last time, but I did exercise that entire week, this week on the other hand I only did about 3 times, but I got up on time the entire week. Still working to improve but I’m making progress. This transfer my study goal is to read through 1 Nephi to Mosiah and find phrases that show the Christlike attribute of obedience.

Anyway, this transfer is going to feel like a short one, despite it also being a 7 week transfer mainly because my companion is an absolute goof ball. The longer transfer time is to accommodate the new MTC schedule, so it is for a good purpose.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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