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Hello world!
So this week, we have been sick a lot. My companion and I have been switching illness all week. Not fun… But unfortunately as I’m writing this, my back is hurting more than usual. This last Thursday I slipped and landed on my tailbone and back with a thud, got the wind knocked out of me. It was that bad of a fall. I’m so glad to have leaders who are concerned for my well-being. The mission nurse told me to reduce my proselyting load for the rest of the transfer (less walking and tracting) while my back recovers. As much as I don’t want to I have to slow down, I need to in order to heal properly. I hope this will help me learn the area better. But until then I’m hurting, but I’m ok.

I did make a mistake in the mailing address. It is actually
PO Box 83
Morrisville VT 05661
United States
I gave out the wrong zip code but now it’s the right one.

Some of the people we are teaching are less actives and all of them are progressing to coming back to church regularly. One of them has changed a lot since I got here. Her living situation is not the most ideal but she is working on moving to a better place to live.

Here is this week’s LTP:

This week has been a slow one; we have been sick 4 out of the 7 days this week, so I have not been getting up on time, mostly because I have not been sleeping well. But on Thursday I fell and since then I have not been doing too good. Sister Simpson asked me to not strain my back while it’s healing, and a subsequent blessing has confirmed that I need to slow down for a time. I’m not going to completely stop working but I’m going to be doing a little less work for a little bit. I hope this will give me a chance to learn the area completely before Elder Andrew is transferred.

Speaking of… we have been getting along quite well. We have found that our teaching styles match and we can teach effectively together. We study well, and we teach each other new things as we understand the same things differently. And we learn differently as well, but we have found commonalities between our personalities and we play to each other strengths and know what each other’s weaknesses are. Other than being sick we are doing just fine.

I’m hurt but we are doing great! See you all next week!
Elder R Seely
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