Lots and lots of… Nothing…

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We have been resting while my companion recovers from another bout of sickness, and I recover from my injury. We have been trying to keep working, and our health will improve eventually… Missionary work is very demanding though and is becoming more and more demanding as the year turns to spring and summer. I’m taking it a day at a time, but hoping that it will be over soon.

Still working toward getting up on time. I got up a few times this week but I have been doing my best despite my back. In doing my best, I have worked too hard and my back was feeling it. That is the only reason why I did not get up in the mornings. On the flip side, I have been doing exercises for my back to help it get better, but I still need to rest when I can.

Other than my back, I have been studying more in the Book Of Mormon especially the chapters on Ammon’s missionary service. A lot of what says applies to out here in the mission. We are still preaching to those around us and strengthening members, but it is getting harder and harder.

It has been a slow week otherwise, we aren’t teaching too many people so we are doing a lot of finding, and my injury isn’t helping… We have committed to at least two hours of finding so we can show that we are looking and willing to follow the Lord.

I have to go shopping now. I never appreciated how much food we eat and how much it costs. A mission gives you a smack in the face as to how much parents spend on you. Thanks.

Elder R Seely
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