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This last week I have been doing much better at getting up and exercising in the morning (5/7 on both), I’m now working on getting to all week where I’m doing that. The new exercise app that is on the catalog has help immensely, so much so that if we finish nightly planing I want to exercise briefly before 10, but only on nights where we finish early. Just from doing that much I have felt a lot better this last week and can now see the blessings coming from working out, which I didn’t see before.

We saw our first (Hopeful of many) miracle this last week:
This last week on Sunday, we were doing a followup with some of our families that have set dates. One family in particular (the C. Family) stood out when they said that they asked one of the people that they had in mind if they wanted a blessing for a trial that they were going through. This person said yes and would talk to her husband. Sister C. thought it was going to be awkward talking to this person throughout the rest of the week, but it turns out it was not awkward to talk with her at all during that week.

On Friday Sister C. followed up with this new person, asking if she had asked about the blessing. She said, “I have not asked my husband yet, but I really want to do it. I need you to keep reminding me about it.” It was at this point where she suggested that her husband and maybe the missionaries could come and explain the blessing and what happens in it. We were understandably excited! We then took a page out of the *Sister S. F. Case Study and asked her to tell her story that day, and she did.

This is one of many successes we hope to see in the near future. The work is hastening and is out there, we just need to be willing to step out of our shell and invite people. Sister C. later commented “I showed my precious jewel to someone and they liked it, even though they don’t know much about it.” I hope that more people are finding success because it is most certainly out there.


*The Sister S. F. Case study is a true story about how one sister changed a Ward from a Ward that doesn’t care to a Ward that cares endlessly. We have been applying this wherever we go and we have seen many successes coming from applying a few simple things. The story itself actually occurred in the mission back when it was the New England States Mission in Boston. I don’t when it happened but it has changed how member missionary work is done in the mission.

The entire face of the ward is changing right before my eyes. It’s crazy.

We toured the Ben&Jerrys Ice Cream factory this morning. I was not allowed to take pictures for the reason of (and I quote) “We can’t let you take pictures because the possibility of Hagaan-Daz spies in the group that may have come.” It was actually quite interesting. The machines weren’t running because they had finished switching what kind of ice cream they make, and they found an issue with one of the machines. I think water spewing out of the freezing machine should be a cause for alarm? Nope. But whatever. I’m no expert at making ice cream, let alone what half these machines actually do… It was kinda cool to see the inner workings of a typical ice cream factory. Needless to say it looked as complicated as the food processing machine that we see on Modern Marvels…

I have been feeling better. I have caught a persistent cough that will not go away, but I am actually feeling better.

It has been a cold winter, but I’ll be honest there is worse yet to come especially when it comes to next year. My coat barely did a good job this year and this has been the warmest that the mission has seen ever. I think I might buy a new coat next year and send this one home when the time comes…

Elder R Seely
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