Another transfer come and gone

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Wow, what a fast 7 weeks this has been, it has been fun serving in Lamoille, Vermont, but the call has been made. At 5.

“Wait, what?” You RMs are asking. That’s right I got my call early. President called and has spoken our calls to serve. I will now serve as a co-district leader in Waterville, ME. I’m not sure yet how I feel about that. But I know that it will be an opportunity for me to improve as a missionary.

This early call will not be normal. I have no idea why he called so early, but we are also getting shotgunned for sisters, one of which will be training. (“Shotgunned” means both missionaries are leaving the area, and in this case, we are being replaced with Sisters.) Let me say this, shotgunning an area is hard enough, but add the pressure of training (we call it shotgun training) and the new-to-the-area Sisters will have an interesting time. On top of that, we have General Conference this weekend. The Montpelier stake has Stake Conference that next weekend, and so they (the new sisters) won’t have Ward Council either of those weeks. So it will be week 3 before their first Sacrament meeting and any real chance of meeting members. They are in for a tough time. But that’s the way missionary life goes sometimes…

For General Conference, we’ve been asked to watch in the Chapels. So I will be watching General Conference from the Waterville, Maine Chapel. I’m excited for it!

Anyway, in other statistics, Elder Andrew is my 6th single transfer companion, (a companionship where you only stay together one transfer), Lamoille Valley, Vermont is my third shotgun out, and my new companion, in Waterville, Maine, is one from my flight group: Elder Dortch.

I realized about a week ago that in two weeks I will have been out a year. Yes, it is weird to think about that, because I haven’t thought extensively of home in a long time, as I have been too busy for that. But I do think of you all often and wonder what kind of blessings Heavenly Father is giving you and what blessings I will see later.

So we are all doing okay.

Final report on the winter: it was the most mild one that all of New England has seen in 30+ years. Next year I predict that it will be the worst one for this next year that New England has seen ever.

Have a happy time!

Elder R Seely
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