Month: April 2016

WEEEK 5!!!

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Over this last week, I have thought about the things that we talked about in interviews and how they might apply to my life after the mission, and I just read an email from my mother about how she is planning to implement certain aspects of the missionary schedule. I plan on doing the same when I return home. I keep finding blessings in following the schedule.

There is definite wisdom in the concepts within the missionary handbook. The Lord through his Apostles wrote the book (the current revision) almost 2 years ago. I say the current revision because President Monson had a copy of the “missionary handbook” when he left for the Navy. The schedule is a hard one to get accustomed to, but it brings blessings of energy. Near the beginning of my mission I had trouble getting up on time, but I made a goal with the help of my companion and being accountable to President Stoker. I still have trouble some mornings, and recently I have shifted from getting up in the morning to exercising in the mornings.

Anyway, I feel like interviews was forever ago and yet, I’m still getting my head wrapped around the fact that this week is week 5 of the transfer and I have 8 more just like it.

During the last week, we also had our Zone Leader exchanges. Nothing too eventful, but not even an hour into being in our area, we received 3 referrals in the same hour. None of them have panned out yet, but we are still looking for more people to teach. Overall the area is beginning to take flight, which is something that I worry about because it has in the past meant me getting transfered, but we will see. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it will be nice to talk with family again.

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Elder R Seely
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Blanket email #53

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This week is the one year of my entering the mission field. And the weather is warm, so it is the first time I have walked around in short sleeves without a jacket since late September. It felt nice, and it was a reminder to me of the things that I experienced in my first area. It kind of scares me that I have a year left, both meaning the amount of time I have, and to think that I’m halfway done with my mission. But yeah…

This week though has been a rather interesting week. On Monday we as a district gather and have some fun which was nice. We played signs and then “Can I have your chair?”, we went back to signs and it soon devolved into a mix of the two, which was interesting.
Throughout the week, we had sporadic contact with our investigators, eventually playing phone tag with one of them. When we finally connected, he dropped us. Not fun, but what can you do…

And in the weekend we had Stake Conference, which was nice to attend. In the adult session, Elder Dudley of the seventy was presiding and he made many comments about his hometown of Louisiana, but I think Maine is better. Then we had the general session of Stake Conference. We as a missionary force came and sang “Behold! A Royal Army”. And that concluded my week.

Anyway, I have gotten a few questions on what it is like to be a district leader. All I can see is that it is not very different from being a normal missionary. I now have to teach district meeting, and make sure that everyone feels the excitement of missionary work, but not much different otherwise. We have zone interviews this week so I will report on that next week.

Until then,

Elder R Seely
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Singing in Bangor, Maine Stake

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Posted from Facebook: Bangor, Maine, Stake Conference today. Missionaries sang for us.

Singing in Bangor Maine

Over the hump and down the hill

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Below is my LTP this week. There are some details that require some explanation though.

  1. The lessons in district meeting for the last 2 weeks have been about making the Sabbath a delight for us and investigators. The church is making this an absolute priority, and I have heard that something is on the horizon and this will help us overcome it. Whatever happens, I have learned a lot about the Sabbath day, and it will bless my life.
  2. About 7 months ago, I hit what the missionaries out here call the “6 month wall” where some event in your mission happens and it affects you profoundly enough to question your call to serve. Most missionaries in this mission go home soon after hitting this “wall” for whatever reason. I came to the wall and after a Zone Conference, asked to talk with President Stoker. This comment was made after talking about what can be down to overcome this wall. The entirety of the conversation I do not remember, but this comment alone is burned into my memory.

I apologize for not getting my LTP to you last week. The missionary portal would not load last week and so I was not able to write. But I think I did pretty well this last week and agreed that we did a pretty good job at teaching cooperatively. We hope to match that same success in the future.

The quality of my studies has improved quite a lot since I became a District Leader. Now I have a focus that I can point my studies on so that it will benefit others. I probably should have been doing that for investigators but I did not realize that until recently.

(1)The District meetings on Sabbath day have also opened a lot of things that I am doing “wrong” and “right”. Teaching it has solidified the concept in my head. It does help when in the Ward, you receive the same “Sabbath is a delight” training on three different occasions. I wonder how you keep the Sabbath holy and make it a delight. You have a lot of responsibility, regardless of what day it is, so how do you keep this work a labor of love instead of having turn into a “I have to do this” attitude?
(2)You remember in a talk we had after Zone Conference, 7 months ago, you said something like “Elder Seely, I see you being a great leader in the mission, and what’s more, you will be leader before I leave.” That comment has, for lack of a better word, haunted me ever since then. When transfer calls would come around, my first thought would be “Is this the one?” Being a leader myself has made clear how much a leader does in the mission. I know now that I gave some of my companions a hard time about being a companion to a leader. I wish I could go back and help them where I could and not be so hard to work with. “Time is one of the precious things that your Heavenly Father has given you.” It is my time to be a leader, so that when the time comes again (and I feel it will come again) I can be a better follower.


Here is my companion, Elder Dortsch.

A picture of the missionaries serving in the Ward in their dirty clothes:

April 2016

Have a wonderful week!
Elder R Seely
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Conference Weekend, oh my goodness

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So much stuff in this weekend. I have notes on Conference, but I will make lots more notes when they are available to those who have the gospel library app. But what few notes I have are these:

Elder Dale G Renlund, Q12
* Are we becoming more entitled?
* “The greater the distance between the giver and receiver, the more the receiver feels entitled.”
* Nephi vs Laman/Lemuel
* Life isn’t fair for a reason.
* Life cannot be without Him.
* He is our reason for starting again.
Not a lot here, but a lot to think about for the upcoming weeks.

Conference for me is a time to change and replace old batteries that don’t the charge they used to. Stake Conference is a similar feeling, but the Sacrament is special because of its quality to uplift the downtrodden, raise the spirits of the rejected, and comfort those who are in need. I want to leave you with a question before I switch topics: what does the Sacrament mean to you? General conference?

Now, Transfers. Where in the NHMM did I go?
I went to Waterville, Maine. This is now the third time that I have been in the Bangor Stake. I have a feeling this won’t be the last time I leave and come back. But I also was called to be a Co-District Leader, so I now have to prepare for District meetings, do Call-in reporting, and oversee the work in other areas. So far it has been a fun time. It helps when your companion is an MTC acquaintance. Elder Dortch was in my flight group, and we have been enjoying every moment of our companionship.

Elder dortsch with gun

I’m still getting the hang of things, but I will be one year out this week, as my loving mother has reminded me. I can’t believe that it has been that long. The school year seems to be the same way, you can’t wait for it to end when you start, but at the end, you wonder where it all went.

Anyway, I have more conference thoughts in the coming weeks. Have a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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