Blanket email #53

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This week is the one year of my entering the mission field. And the weather is warm, so it is the first time I have walked around in short sleeves without a jacket since late September. It felt nice, and it was a reminder to me of the things that I experienced in my first area. It kind of scares me that I have a year left, both meaning the amount of time I have, and to think that I’m halfway done with my mission. But yeah…

This week though has been a rather interesting week. On Monday we as a district gather and have some fun which was nice. We played signs and then “Can I have your chair?”, we went back to signs and it soon devolved into a mix of the two, which was interesting.
Throughout the week, we had sporadic contact with our investigators, eventually playing phone tag with one of them. When we finally connected, he dropped us. Not fun, but what can you do…

And in the weekend we had StakeĀ Conference, which was nice to attend. In the adult session, Elder Dudley of the seventy was presiding and he made many comments about his hometown of Louisiana, but I think Maine is better. Then we had the general session of Stake Conference. We as a missionary force came and sang “Behold! A Royal Army”. And that concluded my week.

Anyway, I have gotten a few questions on what it is like to be a district leader. All I can see is that it is not very different from being a normal missionary. I now have to teach district meeting, and make sure that everyone feels the excitement of missionary work, but not much different otherwise. We have zone interviews this week so I will report on that next week.

Until then,

Elder R Seely
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