WEEEK 5!!!

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Over this last week, I have thought about the things that we talked about in interviews and how they might apply to my life after the mission, and I just read an email from my mother about how she is planning to implement certain aspects of the missionary schedule. I plan on doing the same when I return home. I keep finding blessings in following the schedule.

There is definite wisdom in the concepts within the missionary handbook. The Lord through his Apostles wrote the book (the current revision) almost 2 years ago. I say the current revision because President Monson had a copy of the “missionary handbook” when he left for the Navy. The schedule is a hard one to get accustomed to, but it brings blessings of energy. Near the beginning of my mission I had trouble getting up on time, but I made a goal with the help of my companion and being accountable to President Stoker. I still have trouble some mornings, and recently I have shifted from getting up in the morning to exercising in the mornings.

Anyway, I feel like interviews was forever ago and yet, I’m still getting my head wrapped around the fact that this week is week 5 of the transfer and I have 8 more just like it.

During the last week, we also had our Zone Leader exchanges. Nothing too eventful, but not even an hour into being in our area, we received 3 referrals in the same hour. None of them have panned out yet, but we are still looking for more people to teach. Overall the area is beginning to take flight, which is something that I worry about because it has in the past meant me getting transfered, but we will see. Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it will be nice to talk with family again.

Till next time

Elder R Seely
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