Annnndd week 6. Wow that was fast!

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Transfers are around the corner yet again. It seems like this transfer has gone by so fast, but little by little they signal closer to the end. I have always thought that a mission was too long of a commitment, now I’m beginning to realize that 2 years may not be enough time to serve the way I wish to. Being a district leader has opened up new ways of thinking and care for others, not only do I have a stewardship over their spiritual well-being, I have a responsibility to keep those in my care safe, not just for other missionaries but for the members as well.


Kinda short because most of the LTP this week is talking about exchanges last week, and most of it is things that President should only see. However, exchanges were with Elders Hall and Butler. I went with Elder Hall, and we had an absolute blast, going around knocking on doors, and having none slammed in our faces (granted, none of these door opened at all, because nobody was home). We went on a street contacting run and met no one. So we had a lot of time to talk about the various things that happened in the past 4 months that I wasn’t around him. I have served around him when I was in Windham. But we had an awesome night and we found a strange object that has named “Elder Amino Acid”.

We have found it in the oddest places: in the back room of the apartment. Its story is unknown and its future is also unknown. But it keeps turning up…
Anyway, the transfer has gone by super fast, I’m beginning to fear blinking and it coming all to an end, but I will continue to serve.


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