Skype calls, transfers, and conferences, OH MY!!

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I have just barely finished reading the letter you sent out yesterday, and you are right, this is a rare and blessed opportunity to meet and interact with Apostles, especially the Quorum of the 12. The only thing that would beat this experience is to have a member of the First Presidency come and tour the mission. I feel frankly overwhelmed that they would of pick us out of the 418 missions that are in the world. That’s amazing to think.

Otherwise I had a wonderful Skype call despite problems with the wireless at the member’s home, it was a fulfilling experience. At the end what I did to bring a spiritual note to the call was ask what everyone learned at church. The answers were varied as much as they could. Gathering from these experiences (and as directed by the Spirit) I bore testimony of the work that I do as a missionary and as a leader.

Earlier in the day, I was prompted to pack my study notebook. I followed it without completely knowing why. During the last few minutes, I was prompted to show them my district meeting outline notes for keeping the Sabbath day holy/making the Sabbath day a delight. I bore testimony about my study of this topic, and I couldn’t help but commit each of my siblings individually to read the scriptures. I promised blessings to the commitments, and then hanged my call as His representative on these blessings. When the words came out of my mouth, I remember thinking “Where on earth did that come from?” The answer that came was “It didn’t. It came from a heavenly place.” So now, I know of a fact that He watches over us and knows the needs of His people. What effect this will have on my siblings, I don’t know. But I’m confident that my part at this time is finished, and there is more to come.


Yep, you heard right. We have an Apostle of the Lord coming to our mission. On May 21st, Elder Ronald A. Rasband will speak to the entire NHMM, which as I state, is quite something to have happen. We will also be hearing from Elder Bragg who was sustained at the most recent General Conference. It will be a wonderful experience, akin to when Elder Nelson toured the mission when he was recently assigned as director of the Mission Department. I will take many notes, and maybe get some pictures.

In other news, we did our skype calls on Sunday. We had some interesting things happen…
We got the member’s home and began our calls, about 10 minutes in both calls were dropped, after spending a minute figuring out what happened, we resumed and all was fine until they dropped after another 10 mins. We figured out that we need to stagger the calls so that we will not have to do this 4 more times. My companion told me that I could go first. So I finished my call completely and then the events at the end of my LTP happened. It was a lot of fun to talk face to face with my family. It is a great blessing to be able to do that.

Now that I have addressed two parts of my title, let me address the third: I will remain in Waterville, continuing to serve as a co-district leader with my companion. So neither of us are being transferred.

Have a wonderful week.
Elder R Seely
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Ps the Mission Presidency is changing. My new mission president and his wife are featured here:

I’m going to be in good hands 😀


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