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I’m doing ok, still not getting up on time, mainly because I’m not sleeping as well as I would like. I have no idea what motivates me to get up when we are on exchanges or when we have an early morning thing we need to do. I also know that if I get up that I will feel better, but it’s become a game of mind over mattress, and unfortunately mattress is winning. I have called Sister Simpson about what is going on and she has suggested that the last 30 mins of the day, that I make no important decisions and try to relax. I continue to work at it, I need some sleep though, because I think that is where this stress is coming from is lack of sleep, one of those negative feedback cycles.

Other than that, it is wonderful to be a district leader, being able to see the progression of the district and see the instruction we give being applied to the areas. It’s awesome to see the miracles that come from the teaching that we as district leaders do and what missionaries teach us. I am a firm believer in 2-way teaching, where leaders teach the district and vice-versa.

We will have many times to talk during this transfer, at mission conference, at MLT, at Zone Conference. Many exciting things are happening this transfer.

. . . . .

This is President Stoker’s last transfer in this mission so a lot of work is being done so that the mission can operate semi-autonomously while President Blair gets his bearings. It will continue to be a whirlwind of activity right after he comes in but will soon die down by September, which is when the mission will lose half its leadership, but we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Have an awesome week!

Elder R Seely
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