Happy Memorial Day

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This last week was tiring, but near the end I was getting better and on Sunday I felt better than I had all week. It seems to be a seasonal thing but why this bout of insomnia was so bad is unknown to me because it wasn’t this bad last year. But anyway, I have been looking forward to MLT and can’t wait to see what it is like. This transfer is an eventful one, mission conference, MLT, zon conference, and new mission president at the end. Lots of preparation and prayers went into mission conference and are going into MLT and Zone conference. We all appreciate that. It will be sad to see you go, but it will be fun to see President Blair.
Have a good week and see you at MLT!

What an interesting week. We (as leaders) will be going to Mission Leadership Training (MLT) tomorrow what will happen nobody knows. But it’s exciting because we will sit in council as to what direction the mission will go in.
This last week was one filled with service, mostly in the morning. First we help at a horse farm unloading a bald of hay off a truck
Then we helped Bishop Crouse with some yard work, and then helped a recent convert with some window panels

And some partitions

So that was our service work this week. We took an impromptu district picture,

Opened birthday presents, found out that we had the same tie

And did other things for which I don’t have pictures.
But it was an eventful week, next will be like that too with exchanges and zone conference.

Have fun this week, and Remember.

Elder R Seely
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