Wait, what week is it again?

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Well, it’s official. I have lost track of the weeks and all of the events thereof. All I know is that zone conference is soon, we get a new mission president later, and I’m still a missionary. And that all I really need to know. Well,
MLT was last Tuesday. It was so much fun. We received instruction from president stoker, decided what course to take following the mission presidency changeover, received more instruction from the assistants, had lunch, more instruction from president, decided the topic of the next zone conference and received instruction from president. It was packed with comments, instructions, concepts, policy updates and changes, and testimonies. We left very tired and very spirit-driven. The next day was district meeting, which we did not have lots of energy like we normally do, but we still got our message across and did it in a fun way. We introduced the district to redneck tacos.
Have I explained what a redneck taco is? I’m pretty sure I have, but just in case: a redneck taco is made from the crushed contents of a small Doritos bag, some cheese, and ground beef.
They thought the concept was crazy, but not as crazy as putting a potato in a blender. (I think I have talked about that experience…(see what I mean?))
So many things are happening that I’m having a hard time keeping everything straight. So for next week I will be talking about zone conference and how awesome it was. Coming soon, I will talk about the new mission president and his wife.
OH! I have two stories!
1. One of the office staff called us out of the blue and asked if we could go and contact a refferal she had just received from a Facebook missionary. So we did, the trouble is that this refferal lives in Albion, where many of the GPS roads are no good (but we didn’t know that till later). So we are on our way and we come to a intersection that has a dead end sign on it, we go down the road anyway and find ourselves at the end of the road not to far down and the GPS is telling us to continue. There is no road and we don’t feel like off-roading today, so we turn around and go another way, which lead us down a road that wasn’t used a lot and it plopped us into a log yard of sorts.

And my companion in his typical bright side attitude made this:

But after fumbling around for a little bit, we made it to the refferal, turns out it’s a member that is less active. So we are teaching her now.
Story 2 is a bit of a side story.
So because of the warm mild winter, the bugs that normally freeze to death, didn’t. So unfortunately means that the ticks are bad this year and I mean BAD. Ticks are normally the size of the this period. But I unbuttoned my shirt to find:

A tick, and a large one at that. How or when it decided to attach itself to my shirt I have no idea. But it did not get to me, and I’m grateful for that, because they carry Lyme disease which has sent missionaries home. We have bug spray and bug killer that we will spray on our clothes to make sure we don’t have to deal with this. File under New England Stuff.
Anyway, have a good week and a wonderful month, it’s getting hot out there!

Elder R Seely
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