President Blair approaches!

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In roughly 24 hours, President Blair will fly into the mission where he will be the new president of the mission. Now that’s a scary thought. Now onto the events of the week.

On Monday, we had our last PDay with Elder Dortch who is going zone leader 2 in Saco, Maine.

Tuesday, I got my new companion, Elder Butler and we had plenty of fun doing missionary work. We saw Utah plates on a car today. It was a nice throwback to home.

On Wednesday, Elder butler taught his first district meeting; he did very well. The zone leaders were there and they had high praise for him.

On Thursday, we were feeling under the weather so we didn’t do to much.

Friday, we did weekly planning, service cleaning the church with a member, and lunch afterwards at Pizza Hut. So much pizza…

Saturday, we did a power day. So tracting, street contacting, the whole finding thing. We found a former and a solid potential to teach so we are excited for this week. We also went to a member’s medical graduation party and got to know a lot of members.

Sunday, under the weather again, but managed to be at church all day. When we got home, we both crashed on our beds for the rest of the night, barely managed call-ins, we were so tired.
Fun week, pictures! Elder Butler and I on a bridge.

He also got a “hump year” package, he will be out a year this Friday!

Elder R Seely
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