Month: July 2016

What did go right?

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This week was a slow one.Every single appointment fell through, so we went on a finding binge for now the 3rd week in a row, but have nothing interesting to report. We tracted for about 4 hours straight. Not the funnest thing to do but we had nothing else to do. But we did discover something interesting…

One of the many New England quirks is pickled green beans. It has a very interesting flavor similar to a pickle but in green bean form. It’s okay, not the best (or even the weirdest) thing that new Englanders do.

Recently my studies have taken a rather interesting direction. Instead of studying for district meeting (which is loads of fun), I drifted to Preach My Gospel chapter 1 and started looking for ways to teach it to members. I have a PDF version of Preach My Gospel and it is turning into a colorful mess. Hopefully it will (with many hours of studying and work) turn into something that will can be taught to members to help them fulfill their purpose as missionaries. One of the things that stuck out is

On earth, family associations can be the source of some of our greatest joy. Satan is attacking the family on many fronts, and too many families are being destroyed by his efforts. The message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ makes it possible for families to be united now and in eternity.

This is absolutely true, all three statements are true. These statements are the reason, the worry, and the cure. While Satan is destroying families, we are building families up. This will be one of the most important point in my study, I expect it to come up again and again. I invite all of you to read the first chapter in Preach My Gospel, and share your insights with me and other members. The work of salvation is being hampered by both Satan and our lack of knowledge. While it will never stop, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be slowed.

Have a nice week!

Elder R Seely
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Ps pictures:

I love how Sweden is on here twice 😆




Short and long…

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This week was an interesting one.
Monday was our district PDay we went to the Kennebec Highlands and hiked. I told you about that last week.

Tuesday we were sore from hiking but we worked. We had a wonderful lesson with Raphael, one of our investigators, about service and faith. We had wanted to teach the Restoration but the Spirit prompted otherwise and we followed. He was given a baptismal invite (also known as a soft baptismal invite) and he accepted. We are now looking to set a specific date for baptism with him. Afterwards we went to other appointments that we had set before. No one was home or, in typical New England fashion, they were “all set”. I hate that phrase btw.

Wednesday we had a wonderful district meeting, despite having only 10 minutes to teach (we normally have 25). Why? Because we had to do a vehicle safety training (on defensive driving). We wanted a missionary to train us on the IRA format (pg 180 in Preach My Gospel) for 5 minutes, and the Zone Leaders wanted time to talk about policies that were emphasized at MLC (mission leadership council, composed of the zone leaders and sister training leaders)….All of which left us with 10 minutes, 5 for each person. The topic was on “Bringing members to help teach and use the scriptures”. Try talking on that for 5 minutes with discussion, testimony, a commitment and, promised blessings and you can see how much we had to do. When this was all done, we received many comments on how well we did (the zone leaders said it was the best that they had been to ever) and had lunch together. We came back home however and promptly both felt sick and did not do anything but sleep and recover. That was an okay day…

Thursday could be described in a phrase “Go get in the shower.” I say that because all we did was service. We started with wood stacking at a member’s home, did yard work at one of the recent convert’s home, and helped our landlord move things around in his home. We then finally took our shower at 1, had lunch, and went to another lesson with Raphael. This time we read 1 Nephi 3 which is the story of Nephi and his brothers getting the plates from Laban. We had a pretty good discussion on the story, nothing extraordinary happened. We then went to the church to help some members with cleaning the church, which took us a better part of the afternoon and into the evening. It’s now 7 and we have still not had our study time, so we did our personal study at the church and had dinner at home.

Friday it seemed like we could not get any kind of weekly planning done. Before we could begin, our landlords needed a quick hand with the last of the things in their house. We helped and then got back to where we were. Soon we heard another knock, and we had apartment inspections (which we totally forgot about). The senior couple that inspected the apartment leaves for home in a week (they live in Utah so it’s about a 37 hour and 2570 mile drive nonstop). Moving on, we had lunch afterwards and back to weekly planning, except we really didn’t start because we had a prior obligation. We finally got weekly planning done at the church but that was literally what we did (or tried to do) all day.

Saturday was the day of the ward Pioneer Day. We had lots of fun interacting with the members, we pulled a handcart filled with children and some good hot dogs. Lots of fun until we came to the end and I was quite out of breath and dehydrated. I pretty much suffered from some of the effect of heatstroke for the rest of the day, I tried to rehydrate myself but I could not seem to hold enough water to make me feel better. So we came in at around 4 (which is usually the hottest part of the day in Maine) and I tried to rest but it seemed to be an elusive thing… Oh well, planed the week ahead and made appointments so not completely idle.

Sunday we were sore again from pulling the handcart the previous day. But I must have slept in weird position because I did not feel rested in the slightest. After the Sacrament, Elder Butler gave a wonderful talk about the Priesthood keys and how we exercise them. We taught in gospel principles class about the Atonement which yielded interesting discussions on reasons why we needed a Savior. It was uplifting to know that one of the prime reasons is because he and our Heavenly Father love us deeply. The topic of priesthood was on Family History. The teacher read all of the additional scriptures at the bottom of the chapter in the Howard W Hunter book, we had a good discussion on each of our family histories and why we need them. We went home teaching with Bishop, and we had a discussion on how we could get the missionary work going again. We met with his family later that night and we recommitted them to set a date which they can invite someone to learn from the missionaries.

A pretty interesting week. Now for some pictures.

Kids getting on the handcart

We went to the truck and went around and came back at 6 times. That was quite a workout.

My “professional” picture of us standing next to the handcart

Us turning around after getting the kids settled in, they are all wet from throwing sponges at each other instead of a wet sponge race that was supposed to happen. Kids will be kids…

That is all for this week, hope you have a great week!

Elder R Seely
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I have no idea what title to give it this week… So I didn’t!
But this week has been faster because of the Fourth of July. Here are some pictures of the party the ward had

This is 900$ of Phantom fireworks

Bro Fotie, Bro Croft and Bro Jacobs lighting three different fireworks

And a firework selfie, captured from a video

The fireworks were actually pretty good, but (please forgive me for this…) Black Cat is still king!
But we still had lots of fun with the ward, we got several appointments, all of which were successes.
We had meet and greet with president and sister Blair. The Assistants went on exchange with us the night before, we got a lot done! We received 3 return appointments in 15 minutes, that is crazy for out here. That night we all crashed and this occurred

That’s Elder Poe (My Trainer) and Elder Wattenburger, eating a rather large sandwich.

This our zone at the meet and greets, President and sister Blair are in the middle
In Other news, we hiked up a hill and took breathtaking photos of the Belgrade lakes region

It was beautiful… I need not say more.
No doctrinal exposition this week, I have a good one coming though.

Elder R Seely
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Slow week!

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You know the feeling when the week seems to drag on and on? Where you could distinctly remember today is Friday but look on a calendar to find that it’s Tuesday?
Yep that was last week.
I remember tracting a lot, street contacting to almost every appointment and the somehow long drives to other places. We have been working this last week on a less active, trying to have her be able to come to church. But her husband won’t let her, so I’m asking that you keep sister Kertzman in your prayers, and hopefully her husband’s heart will be softened.
Did I send a picture of my companion? I don’t think I did. image2.JPG
Well, that’s him in the passenger seat. I think I remember explaining that he is my "mission Brother"
Anyway, some things I want to try to do in the future:
1. Some kind of doctrinal portion, maybe talk about what we are discussing in district meetings, or some other cool thing I read about
2. Some kind of missionary day in a nutshell, or do one for each day of week.
Maybe something else… I don’t quite know yet.
But today is the Fourth of July and I’m excited because there are not a lot of restrictions on firework here in Maine, (nor in New Hampshire, I remember not sleeping all night last year because they had gone overboard with the fireworks)
Have an excellent day and a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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