Slow week!

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You know the feeling when the week seems to drag on and on? Where you could distinctly remember today is Friday but look on a calendar to find that it’s Tuesday?
Yep that was last week.
I remember tracting a lot, street contacting to almost every appointment and the somehow long drives to other places. We have been working this last week on a less active, trying to have her be able to come to church. But her husband won’t let her, so I’m asking that you keep sister Kertzman in your prayers, and hopefully her husband’s heart will be softened.
Did I send a picture of my companion? I don’t think I did. image2.JPG
Well, that’s him in the passenger seat. I think I remember explaining that he is my "mission Brother"
Anyway, some things I want to try to do in the future:
1. Some kind of doctrinal portion, maybe talk about what we are discussing in district meetings, or some other cool thing I read about
2. Some kind of missionary day in a nutshell, or do one for each day of week.
Maybe something else… I don’t quite know yet.
But today is the Fourth of July and I’m excited because there are not a lot of restrictions on firework here in Maine, (nor in New Hampshire, I remember not sleeping all night last year because they had gone overboard with the fireworks)
Have an excellent day and a wonderful week!

Elder R Seely
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