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I have no idea what title to give it this week… So I didn’t!
But this week has been faster because of the Fourth of July. Here are some pictures of the party the ward had

This is 900$ of Phantom fireworks

Bro Fotie, Bro Croft and Bro Jacobs lighting three different fireworks

And a firework selfie, captured from a video

The fireworks were actually pretty good, but (please forgive me for this…) Black Cat is still king!
But we still had lots of fun with the ward, we got several appointments, all of which were successes.
We had meet and greet with president and sister Blair. The Assistants went on exchange with us the night before, we got a lot done! We received 3 return appointments in 15 minutes, that is crazy for out here. That night we all crashed and this occurred

That’s Elder Poe (My Trainer) and Elder Wattenburger, eating a rather large sandwich.

This our zone at the meet and greets, President and sister Blair are in the middle
In Other news, we hiked up a hill and took breathtaking photos of the Belgrade lakes region

It was beautiful… I need not say more.
No doctrinal exposition this week, I have a good one coming though.

Elder R Seely
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