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This week was a slow one.Every single appointment fell through, so we went on a finding binge for now the 3rd week in a row, but have nothing interesting to report. We tracted for about 4 hours straight. Not the funnest thing to do but we had nothing else to do. But we did discover something interesting…

One of the many New England quirks is pickled green beans. It has a very interesting flavor similar to a pickle but in green bean form. It’s okay, not the best (or even the weirdest) thing that new Englanders do.

Recently my studies have taken a rather interesting direction. Instead of studying for district meeting (which is loads of fun), I drifted to Preach My Gospel chapter 1 and started looking for ways to teach it to members. I have a PDF version of Preach My Gospel and it is turning into a colorful mess. Hopefully it will (with many hours of studying and work) turn into something that will can be taught to members to help them fulfill their purpose as missionaries. One of the things that stuck out is

On earth, family associations can be the source of some of our greatest joy. Satan is attacking the family on many fronts, and too many families are being destroyed by his efforts. The message of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ makes it possible for families to be united now and in eternity.

This is absolutely true, all three statements are true. These statements are the reason, the worry, and the cure. While Satan is destroying families, we are building families up. This will be one of the most important point in my study, I expect it to come up again and again. I invite all of you to read the first chapter in Preach My Gospel, and share your insights with me and other members. The work of salvation is being hampered by both Satan and our lack of knowledge. While it will never stop, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be slowed.

Have a nice week!

Elder R Seely
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Ps pictures:

I love how Sweden is on here twice 😆




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