Month: August 2016

Well, you checked your speed…

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Not too long after I write about how fast the mission was going, it always seems to return to normal speed, or in some cases slower than normal. We had a pretty uneventful week this week. It always seems to come to that around this time in the transfer; week 5 is the slowest week and week 4 is the fastest. We are wondering if maybe elder Fransen is getting transfered this time around, but we don’t know yet. We shall soon see…

Well we did have a ward activity on Saturday. We had the Ward Olympics, which is where all the quorums and auxiliaries host an event for youth and adults. At the very end we had a Jelly Bean Find. Here is one picture: the man in the middle is the Bishop and to his right is his Second Counselor.

Afterward we had lunch in which we ran out of hamburgers, so we didn’t get any meat after that (Well, I got a veggie burger, but it’s not the same…). All of those we are teaching are doing well, and all coming to church, except for yesterday… All the rides were set, and when the time came, none of our teaching pool were there. I say teaching pool because we are teaching several less-actives as well, but they didn’t come either. Oh well, try again next week.

Have a good week in the meantime!!



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What a fast week! I think the last week had a Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday, mainly because that’s where most of the “eventful” happened.

Sunday, we had church and 3 investigators came, 2 of whom I have never met before because we could never get our schedules in line. We also had a wonderful time at the Bishop’s home where we practiced teaching the Restoration to kids. It turned out ok, but the kids were coming in and out so I wasn’t to surprised that it was only “ok”.

Monday, we found out that a washer and dryer in our apt building didn’t work, but we have another set of missionaries who live in the building next to us and so we studied with them while our laundry was getting done. Then a rush of shopping and emails later, we went and played baseball with some of the Lawrence ward (They are Spanish and meet in the same building as we do) which was a lot of fun to run around and get some exercise in.

Thursday was ZONE CONFERENCE! We were inspired and taught many things, including a new goal for the year 2026. I’m waiting to tell it until it is finalized and we have plans and actions for achieving that goal.

Friday was the realization that we are planning for week 4 and that this is going by way too fast (hence the title). Elder Fransen has been out for 19 months and 16 for me, we are both among the oldest in the district with our zone leader, who goes home at the end of the transfer, being the oldest. When this transfer ends, we will have lost 14 Elders that have served as district and zone leaders and even some assistants. They have been trickling out of the mission over the last few transfers as they are going home for schooling and the like, but a lot of them are good friends of mine from the mission.

So that’s this week, have a good week!

There and back again #3

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So this week was a normal one except that we had to go to Belmont Chapel for a doctor’s appointment for my companion. Unfortunately, we had made a mistake on the date and we were there a week early. Luckily for Elder Fransen, they were able to fit him in at 11. But that meant we were there for an hour until the appointment. The Chapel is assigned to the Boston, Massachusetts Temple. So we took a trip up there and got many pictures of the outside.

This picture is the first thing you see when walking up the stairs to the temple.

I wanted to get both the angel and the temple caption in the same picture. Looks good.

Me, pointing to the angel Moroni.

The temple amidst the trees

The words that are inscribed in every temple

A Temple worker came out randomly and asked if we wanted our picture taken. We took it next to a tree that was in the front of the Temple. Afterwards he disappeared back into the Temple. We both thought it was interesting because we had tried unsuccessfully to get our iPads to take a good photo.

So the temple was pretty much the highlight of my week. In other news, the temperature has been in the high 90s all week, and I have discovered that I’m prone to get heat exhaustion every time. No sunburns yet because I have been using generous amounts of sunblock. But I’m still having trouble carrying enough water to prevent the heat exhaustion. I’m already carrying two 2-liter bottles and draining them both by the end of the day. At least I’m staying hydrated…

Anyway, have a nice week. Remember to see the miracles of the day!

Elder R Seely
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Transfers to Methuen Massachusetts

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What a week! The week went by really quickly…as in you get to an area one day and then Sunday is tomorrow.  Methuen, MA is turning to be one of my favorite areas on my mission and is pretty close to the best (Windham, ME has the top spot). But the ward is awesome and the missionaries are excellent. The zone is only us and Lawrence (Spanish Elders) who also work in our areas. It’s a simple arrangement actually, we get the native English speakers they find, they get the native Spanish speakers we find. I might have to brush up my Spanish, which is very rusty, but it seems that the gift of tongues is evident among the Lawrence Elders and sometimes in us.

Transfers were awesome. Elder Butler is training we had to arrive earlier than everyone, and we had to go at 5:45 in the morning to pick up everyone, so the fog was ever present.

Apocalypse style fog…but we arrived in Manchester, NH with no attacks on our vehicle.
We had some fun interacting with the other missionaries who came early. We then met all the new greenies coming into the mission, and I met my mission nephew. Here’s the picture:

Yes, I’m without a suit because I left 5 minutes after this picture was taken, but it’s me, my ‘father’ (my trainer), my ‘brother’ (someone else my trainer trained), and now my ‘nephew’ (the missionary being trained by my ‘brother’). So the line continues.

We had a nice drive to the Methuen 3 Elders’ apartment (not mine) and spent some time there waiting for Elder Gassway’s new companion.

On Thursday I got pretty bad heat exhaustion despite drinking 4x the normal water intake and sunblock. But the week was pretty fast paced. Today we are going to play baseball later today, so I will have plenty of physical activity here in Lawrence.

See you next week!

Elder R Seely
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Well, its official. I’m leaving Waterville…and I’m going to Methuen, Massachusetts!! It’s going to be a long day starting bright and early at 5:45. My new companion will be Elder Franson and I will be the district leader there.  Massachusetts is the 4th state I’ve served in and is as close to Boston as I can get. I already have the areabook and area data from there as well.

Lots of sleep tonight…

Anyway, I have had a nice week starting with Monday, when we realized that transfer calls were this week, did our emails, and had plenty of fun. Also, we started exchanges which are lots of fun, except this one was the most unconventional exchanges that I have been on. We did service all day, which was kindof nice in a way. Tuesday morning was foggy

But was cool and fresh.

After exchanges we went for lots of driving to the far out reaches of our area and got several good pictures, but no new investigators. Oh well, maybe next time…

Wednesday was our last district meeting before transfers, so we took a district picture, but nobody was in focus and no one was coordinated, but we still got one picture out of 30ish pictures.

We cooked…well, we used a mix and it didn’t come out good, but nice experience.

And now for the companionship photo…

Men in black or rather: Missionaries in Suits!
We got the call and now I have to pack, so I will be writing next time from Methuen, Mass. Till next time!!